Heroes of the Storm

I’m done with hots. A late message

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - I'm done with hots. A late message

I played heroes of the storm since the open beta. And i'm done. But i want to leave a important message to you. Pls read to the end.

I never was a great player. But i LOVED the game. I enter to the game and play qm primarily, get heroes and have fun. A lot of fun. At the beginning, my friends played with me, but since 1 year and a half they don't enter the game. The game is a lot more boring without friends to play with :/

I continued playing sometimes. 1 match, 2 somedays. Some weeks don't touch the game. In the quarantine i said to myself that I could practice more this time. I thought that the small community left in the game could be better! With more care for the game and for the everyday fewer players.

But lately the matchmaking is horrible. The ai is worse than before. Every game appears a toxic player, sometimes insulting, saying gg at the beginning of the match, disconnecting. I know this are common problem, but for a "dying" game, i wish the people playing be nicer.


Today I had my last mach. Was horrible. But the problem wasn't lose the match, was the players. Blaming me for everything. I know it's game, and probably i'm not the best player (not so bad either). But the attitude! It feels like bullying. I don´t want to play a game to feel bad, i'm playing to have a great time. And if this game is giving me a bad time, sorry, but i'm done.

I want to write a last message to this community, cause i read you a lot for a long time. I don't write too much cause the english isn't my language and i'm right now struggling, trying to write.

I want to leave you a message: be nicer.

If you want to continue playing this game in the future, pls be nicer. You need players playing every mode for the game to continue to exist. I was the type of players that buys heroes and cosmetics, that support the game always. Cause i know it needed support. That saw grubby, Pally, Khaldor, etc. I cared about the game and the people of this community.

Pls be nicer, and teach with the example.

Thank you for your time. GLHF!

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