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I’m done with hots!

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - I'm done with hots!

Ok, so let me get into some details here because I guess those kind of post really aren't well seen by the community.

I am a big hots player have been since hots came out of beta around 2k levels. Masters for the last few seasons. Main tank player.

So, the quality of games has been dropping constantly for the past seasons and has never been worse than today.

People will say if you're better than anyone else you'll climb. And that's true! You will climb. It took me almost a year to get from gold to masters. But how many games will you need before that happens. How many games of complete and utter clownfiesta will you have to endure before finally being able to play the real game.

It's one thing to see the game being abandoned by the devs.

It's one thing to lose competitive scene.

It's one thing to have been masters consistently and being placed plat.

It's one thing to have personnal adjustment dragging you down because of some mmr fckup blizzard did during your seeding for the "preaseason".

it's one thing to lose one in three games because of someone clearly not belonging at the same rank as the rest of your team and completely losing you the game.

It's one thing to get reported by people because they're in a party and don't understand any of the subtlety of the game.

It's one thing to get silenced/suspended because of the occasionnal tilting loss streak that can make you bitter and obnoxious when playing 4 hours a day for years.

It's one thing to see the true toxic players NEVER banned because they are just playing casually.

It's one thing to not see a new hero in 3 month when the meta has never been that stale.It's one thing to see 15 reworks on heroes that have decent playrate when some heroes stay untouched for years.


It's one thing to see the same 10 heroes EVERY game.

It's one thing to… Well actually that's already too many things…

The game is now in a state where I get no enjoyment left for playing it. Gold players are now diamond 1. Most of my former masters friend can only play when in a 5 stack because they can't bear the randoms you get.

I didn't mind, I liked the solo experience when you were with people of approximatively equal skills.Besides my schedule made it so it was hard for most of my friends to be online at the same time as me. Only ranked appealed to me anyway.

There are litterally no fair games anymore. It's always a stomp, one way or another. You get the occasionnal comeback. But those comeback only arise because the stomping team makes a stupid cocky mistake.

I can't remember the last close game I had that wasn't when playing in heroesLounge.

I know this is a rant. I know this is yet another bitter I quit hots post. But this is finally it. I loved the game, more than any other games I've ever played. Sadly the community has already shred too thin and is now in a paliative state. I don't think there's a point for me to keep investing time into it, and this is the reason why I quit.

For all of those who can bear with the current state of the game, I wish you good luck and good fortune in the nexus.

This was skadoosh.


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