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I’m reaching a point in this game.

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - I'm reaching a point in this game.

Context. I'm a solid Platinum player. 2 seasons ago I was finally touching Diamond and about to break it. We all know the curse. 1 more game to get promoted, get put in a team full of idiots. The downward spiral begins. I was a main tank previously, but after playing in Heroes Lounge for a couple of seasons and getting put into teams full of silver/bronze players, I stopped main tanking so much. Its just a thankless job.

Last season though, I realized that my time with this game is coming to an end. Not necessarily because the game is bad, its because of the players. I now 100% main Butcher. These last 2 days I had a match history page full of wins. And they weren't just stomps either, they were hard won games with people who just wanted to win. Last night though, I lose 2 games due to stupidity and shit talking in draft.

When are we ever going to reach a state where someone doesn't start tilting just because they see your pick? Even "don't first pick Butcher" is a stupid thing to say. Did you look at my profile? Did you look at my match history? if you did, you would have surmised that I play him well enough to know that he is never first picked. People ruin the game before they've even played it. I lost 3 games in a row like this before I started up my 4th and last.

I hovered Butcher and alt-tabbed. When I heard the notification that it was my turn to pick, I saw that my "allies" had picked Murky, Nova and DvA. The chat was just trash. So of course I can't pick Butcher now, but I pick a healer. The worst thing is that the enemy last picked Butcher.

I knew we would lose. Murky, Nova and DvA are all dying and Butcher finished his quest in 3mins. To be wrecked like that by my own hero? At 4 mins I just quit the game and didn't look back. I don't care if I lost 600 or whatever. The game just isn't worth it.

Point of this post is, the game state is getting to the point where I am quitting games. And I stress, its not necessarily the games fault, but the people who play it. A large part of this game's community are horrible, despicable people. People who won't keep their mouth shut, never have anything useful to say, immediately resort to flaming rather than ask questions. Will pick a hero just to troll, rather than to try and win with the hero.


Imagine. I'm 2-3 as Butcher in a game that shouldn't be this hard. My ally ETC keeps W'ing enemies away and I can't secure kills properly. No matter. I'm on 160-something meat. We can salvage. What does my 0-3 Sonya say?

Butcher good pick

I could have physically killed him over that tbh and I'm not mixing my words. Why say that? What is the gain? How does saying that make you right or win us the game? This same player fucked up a perfectly good kill that would have got me 200 by then. I pinged the enemy greymane he was laning against. I came from the back, charged and then lambed. The Greymane had nowhere to go. What does Sonya do? Whirlwind instead of attacking. What level 4 talent did this idiot pick? >. Greymane would have died if Sonya AA'd him. Instead, for no reason at all, she whirlwind. But its the 0-3 idiot sonya that is going to tell a Butcher main that his pick was bad.

The game is infested with these kinds of players and its demoralizing. Absolutely demoralizing. I don't even mind flaming. Sometimes, its genuinely funny and a much needed kick in the ass. I've won some good games because two people flamed each other and sort of started a competition of "which one of us will carry this game whilst the other is a proven idiot?". Its funny and its a sight to behold as BOTH players literally start playing like All Stars. Hurt pride can do that, but that's a beautiful pride.

Most times though, its senseless comments that demoralize everyone and mire everyone in stupidity. They started AFK'ing or feeding. You can no longer play the game. Now you realize you are stuck with someone who cannot be reasoned with.

I know the "solution" is to turn off chat. But that doesn't help. I can SEE them feeding. I can SEE them making stupid plays. And I can no longer tell the difference between someone who needs a stern talking to and someone who is beyond help. I don't want to remove the only avenue of human interaction in this game. Else why would I play it.

I dunno man, last night was really an eye opening moment.

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