Heroes of the Storm

I’m sad, I don’t want this game to go.

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - I'm sad, I don't want this game to go.

Playing the game now, looking at the Heroes/their abilities, all the skins, brawls, aram games, herostorm (carbot) videos, all the streamers I watched, the hots wtf and best plays videos from all kinds of channels on YT, all the best moments from hgc, the skin events, the hero reworks, the awesome heroes like Cho'Gall and Ragnaros that added flavor to the game, all the effort put into it from the community and the hots team alike.

Seeing it all fade away slowly, makes me genuinely sad that this game that I truly loved, one of the best things that's ever happened to me since TBC and WotLK.

What makes it worse, is this is all just a bit of miscommunication from the big corporate d*cks who took over Blizzard, and the dev team/the community.


There is a ton of options, a lot of solutions that would've made this game go into the right direction and make both sides happy, and we see those solutions before our eyes in other games, but they decided to cut off the leg instead of treating the wound.

I'm just a rando who wanted to vent. I've always loved this game and I will keep playing it, until who knows, someone might pull their head out of their ass.

I know MOBAs are seeing a decline, and they might just be at the beginning of their end, but doesn't mean the game can't be profitable. Thanks for reading if you read.

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