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Important Changes To Improve The Game

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Important Changes To Improve The Game

Greetings from Russia!
I have been playing Heroes Of The Storm for 5 years and I want this game to increase the number of players.
This post contains a couple of important proposals, which, in my opinion, should increase the influx of new and retain old players (the proposals will not require large financial investments. The course will be in RUB, because I am from Russia (for other countries, of course, do it in their currency EUR, USD and etc).

1) Firstly, you need to return the solo league, without the possibility of getting up into it in groups (even in duo). Need to reset all players to a rank of 3 Bronze. Those who play better than Bronze will come out of there, those who are not will remain there. This will allow players to take the place they deserve and the overall skill of the game will increase. Explanation: after the leagues merged, the significance of the rank decreased, those who played in gold began to play in platinum, etc (because a person playing the master league can create an account and grow up his 4 friends from bronze to, for example, gold. And then these “friends from bronze” will play in gold, which they are NOT worthy, which will negatively affect attitude to the game of those people who really deserve gold). Also, this will remove the drawback due to which people playing solo or together often come across against players of five players in the voice chat, which is not fair and in 95% of cases without a chance leads to the defeat of the former. And when playing 5 against 5 players (outside groups), the game will be more honest than at the moment.

2) Secondly, you should enter the “Battle Pass” once every 3 months (for example: 500 rubles / person), which will allow players to complete tasks, upon completion of which, players will receive unique skins (for example: 1 skin for 1 hero, for each class.Heroes and skins for them will change with each new “Battle Pass”), voice acting, portraits, mount and the ability to change the style of the map they got on (example: before starting a match in a draft, a player can choose a style for the map, to for example: “Winter”, “Desert”, etc.). You can also think about an updated interface for the owners of the “Battle Pass”. Important: in the future, after the end of this event with the Battle Pass, all of the above can not be bought for fragments or crystals, and only those who bought the Battle Pass at the right time and completed the tasks described in it will receive awards. Explanation: There will be an incentive to play, as players will be able to receive unique gifts that will not be available to other players.


3) Thirdly, you should create tournaments (1 time per month) and give rewards for them. Every day, for example, from 18:00 to 02:00 Moscow time, for the next one or two weeks, players who have reached the rank of Diamond and above in the Solo League are given the opportunity to stand in the "tournament queue" (it is important that all players are are equal, only one player can stand in line, no groups). 1 victory gives 100 points, a loss takes 100 points (you can include additional points for the player’s effectiveness). The maximum possible number of games for 1 person = 50. At the end of the aforementioned period of 1 or 2 weeks, the TOP-3 players who score the most points for this period are selected and receive awards. For 3 place – 1000 rubles, for 2 place – 1500 rubles, for 1 place 2000 rubles. Money is transferred to the person’s personal account with confirmation in the form of a passport, driver’s license or other identification document, so that 1 player who created 3 accounts could not receive 3 awards (rewards and the number of prizes can be increased if the finances Blizzard allow this). Explanation: players will have an incentive to improve their skills in the game, thereby striving for Diamond and higher leagues, so that they can play tournaments.

4) Fourth, add clans. Explanation: this will rally the players and provide an opportunity to participate in clan vars (people will begin to unite and use for example Discord).

5) Last sentence, but not in importance. Allow volunteer players (selection will be based on questionnaires) to check for violations committed by other players (reports). Example: a team of 4 people just throws 4 reports on a player for insulting in the chat, although in reality the person wrote in the chat that he does not want to fulfill their requirements (groups of 4) and the system punishes the loner. Explanation: this will make the complaints system more honest, since the final decision will be made by the person, not the robot.

People who agree with my suggestions – support, discuss, post on social networks.
I really hope that the Developers will read this post if it collects a sufficient amount of support. I want HOTS to develop, expanding the player base and bring more profit, which would allow to post additional advertising for the game, in order to increase its popularity.

I decided to write also here, but if you need a link to this topic in the Russian forum – here it is
I apologize for the mistakes, I only study English for 4 months and sometimes used a translator, but I hope you understand me.

I'll see you in the Nexus.
Best regards, Anton. My BattleTag – WhyDidYouDie#2591

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