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Information for returning/ new players interested in HOTS

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Information for returning/ new players interested in HOTS

With the impending release of Deathwing, frequent visitors of this subreddit will have noticed an increasing amount of posts from former players and even some new players asking for information regarding the state of the game. These posts are so frequent now that I thought it would warrant a sticky post that would inform the interested players and answer their most frequent questions

My intent is to have this cover comprehensive set of topics so please contribute in the comment section on what could be added and I will make the edits. I have requested the mods
Thunderclaww - Information for returning/ new players interested in HOTS

/u/Thunderclaww to make this post a sticky one.


  • Free Hero Rotation-link in the upper left corner points to the "Currently in the Nexus"-page of
    nexuscompendium - Information for returning/ new players interested in HOTSThe Nexus Compendium
    , and always shows the following current:
    • Event
    • Free-to-Play Hero Rotation
    • Heroic Deals and Limited-Time Items
    • Ranked and Unranked Battleground Rotations
    • From there, a ton of information can be accessed, like when a given Hero is predicted to be on Rotation and/or Sale next, based on the existing data, all previous Rotations/Sales, all previous Battleground Rotations, all previous Events (and a listing of the items they provided, which can also give an overview of Seasonal items).
  • New heroes every 3/4 months
    • Newest heroes : Imperius, Anduin, Qhira, Deathwing,
    • All heroes free to play until Nov 11th , 2019
  • Frequent balance patches
  • Frequent reworks
    • Recent hero reworks : Junkrat,Whitemane, Chen, Chromie, Lucio, Ana, Abathur (minor rework)
    • Upcoming hero reworks: DVa and Tassadar
  • Maps –
    • Hanamura has been reworked and is back
    • Sky Temple got a night color palette
    • latest new map is Alterac Pass
    • changes to BHB and Haunted Mines are being tested internally by the devs – no ETA when or if ready for production
    • Weekly Brawls are currently all ARAMs
  • Themed events still at the same rate as before
    • Newest Event – Scarlett Heist – Ends on Dec 3rd 2019
    • Upcoming Events – Toys 2
  • Mastery Rings – gold-purchasable cosmetic UI item that you can use to show your hero level
  • Interactive Mount – New to HOTS, the new train mount will let your teammates interact with it and the whole team can ride on a toy train together
  • Despite slower content release there is more focus on balance and the game is in a good state meta-wise
    • Majority of the hero roster is viable in draft and ranked modes
    • If you have a favorite hero that you are good at in almost all cases your pick will be playable/viable in most ELOs
    • There are some S tier heroes that are definitely strong in all ranks right now – Alarak, Chen (yes you heard right, Chen is meta now), Rexxar
    • but on the bottom end there are only very few heroes that are just too weak to justify drafting them – DVa, Probius, Nazeebo ( nothing has changed, these heroes are all hot garbage and have been for quite a while, unless you are some god-tier OTP mad man that play these toons)
  • Population and queue times are in a good place unless you play on one of the minor servers (but that's really not smt Blizzard can control)
    • QM and Brawl queue times – almost instant
    • Ranked queue times – 150-300 seconds on average for most ELOs. At GM levels queue times will be variable and the matchmaker will have to adjust if not enough GMs are playing at the same moment
    • You can set your preferred role when you queue for Ranked games now, this doesn't directly affect your queue times.
    • For most ELOs you will find players in the similar skill bracket, you will find yourself playing with familiar players if you requeue after finishing a game right away

Gameplay Changes

  • Nexus Anomalies – an upcoming gameplay change or rather a set of changes that the devs are using to shake up the meta and core gameplay systems. If successful the anomaly will be retained and if feedback is negative it will be iterated on or removed altogether. Since there is no official pro scene anymore, the devs have more freedom and space to test out new core systems and see what the community response is without completely breaking the game at competitive level.
    • 1st Nexus Anomaly will come in form of XP globes – killing minions will spawn XP globes that you have to be close to pick up the experience. This feature is not live yet from early builds it seems like passively body soaking xp will be more difficult because the XP pickup range is now shorter
  • 10% movement speed increase on all heroes
  • Armor doesn't stack anymore and baseline armor has been removed from most heroes (not including armor granted by passive or hero traits)
  • Towers no longer have ammunition
  • Taking down structures (forts and keeps) grants passive XP over time instead of immediate XP gain and periodically spawns catapults in lane
    • Not applicable to Towers of Doom
  • Towers still give small amount of exp
  • Ranked ladder merged Hero League and Team League into Storm League
  • You can now q with any party size as long as the party members are not more than 2 divisions apart ( except for 5 man stacks)
  • MMR = Your ranked points. Your initial calibration matches will grant/deduct ~500 points and will stabilize eventually to the usual +/- ~200 points. Don't be surprised.
  • To be eligible for ranked seasonal rewards and GM ladder you have to achieve at least 50 wins a season. Besides the end of season reward you will also be granted gold for achieving certain amount of wins (5,15,30 and 50). This is to incentivize playerbase to actively play Storm League
  • There is MMR Decay now for Diamond + players. You will see an indicator in the Ranked play mode screen when your account starts to decay
  • For the upcoming season Master level players and higher will not be able to Q with a party size larger than 2.
  • If you get leaver queue now, you have to win your games in order to remove the status.


E-Sports and Tournaments


Discord Servers

Educational Resources:

If I missed something, pls comment and I will add. I hope this post provide a sufficient summary for interested returning and new players

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