Heroes of the Storm

Information for returning/ new players interested in HOTS

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Information for returning/ new players interested in HOTS

With the impending release of Deathwing, frequent visitors of this subreddit will have noticed an increasing amount of posts from former players and even some new players asking for information regarding the state of the game. These posts are so frequent now that I thought it would warrant a sticky post that would inform the interested players and answer their most frequent questions

My intent is to have this cover comprehensive set of topics so please contribute in the comment section on what could be added and I will make the edits. I have requested the mods
Thunderclaww - Information for returning/ new players interested in HOTS/u/Thunderclaww to make this post a sticky one.



Gameplay Changes

  • 10% movement speed increase on all heroes
  • Taking down structures (forts and keeps) grants passive XP over time instead of immediate XP gain and periodically spawns catapults in lane
  • Towers still give small amount of exp
    • Not applicable to Towers of Doom


Educational Resources:

If I missed something, pls comment and I will add. I hope this post provide a sufficient summary for interested returning and new players

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