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Injustice will not stand – Anduin in need of some tweaks?

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Injustice will not stand - Anduin in need of some tweaks?

I've been playing Anduins for the last couples of months and throughly enjoy his kit, his style and overall flavour – I just love being your average healbot who keeps his allies out of trouble while they beat up the enemy team. And Anduin delivers … just not as good as he could. And should.

I noticed it takes me a lot of effort to keep up with other healers in terms of numbers. Keeping my team maxed feels much easier and less stresful with e.g. Malfurion, Ana, Lucio or even Deckard. But at the same time those healers also provide more than just healing in form of some useful and reliable CC. Or other goodies. And Anduin doesn't aside from his trait on a 90s cd. Chastise acts like a Stormbold, but in bad – it moves much slower and doesn't even stun but root. This issue translates to all Chastise-talents as they require you to reliably hit an enemy, which can be tricky to pull off while Malfurion or Deckard can deny an entire area with a simple click.

So here are some changes I thought about. The overall idea is to buff Anduin's CC just a notch and make it more reliable and impactful. Other changes aim at elevating underpicked talents by making them easier to use, and giving Anduin his power spike a tier earlier as I feel he's a tad too weak below level 16 right now.

I don't claim all these changes to be solid. They're just food for thought.

Flash Heal: Increased healing by 5%
Chastise: Increased projectile speed by 25%


Level 1
Bold Strategy: (Removed)
//This talent causes lots of balance issues with this entire tier. Every buff to Pursued by Grace and Renew will also buff Bold Strategy, making it very difficult to balance the other two talents without having Bold Strategy outshining them.//

Pursued by Grace: Increased healing to 50 (4% per level)

Focused Healing: (New) Increases the healing of Flash Heal by 20% but increases its cast time by 0,5s
//The idea is to turn Flash Heal into a stronger burst heal but making it more risky to use as you need to stand still for 1s//

Level 2:
Inner Fire: Increased Basic Attack range by 20%
//I just feel Inner Fire could need a little tweak//

Holy Reach: Increase the Root duration of Chastise from 1.25 to 1.5 seconds. Chastise roots all enemy Heroes nearby the target hit.
//The additional healing the talent used to provide is neglectable. Instead of giving Anduin more healing – of which he has quite enough – this talents aims at boosting his CC-capability and punishing enemies for grouping up.//

Level 7:
//No changes//

Level 10:
//No changes//


Level 13:
//Level 16 is Anduin's biggest power spike, but I feel it comes way too late given that his pre-16 healing is only okay-ish and he doesn't provide much else aside from his trait. Changing the talent tiers should help Anduin's midgame and make him more reliable as a healer in general.//

Evenhanded Blessings: Moved from level 16. If Flash Heal is cast on a different target from its last, increase its healing by 20% and refund 50% of its cooldown and mana cost.
//Lower cooldowns translate to higher mana consumption. Reducing not only the cooldown but also mana cost should address this issue.//

Holy Nova: Moved from level 16. Enemy heroes hit by Divine Start cause it explode, healing nearby allied Heroes for 80 (4% per level) and damanging enemies for 80 (+4% per level).
//Holy Nova in it's current state incentives bad positioning as it heales allies nearby you – only being useful for the backline – and damages enemies. As a healer however, you don't want to stand nearby enemy heroes. This change causes each enemy Hero hit by Divine Star to cause a Holy Nova and thus adding value for hitting multiple enemies. Given that it's now easier the trigger the effect, the healing and damage has been lowered.//

Inner Focus: Moved from level 16.

Lightwell: Moved from level 16

Level 16:
Speed of the Pious: Moved from level 13.

Push Forward!: Moved from level 13. Damaging an enemy Hero grants 2.5% Movement Speed for 6 seconds, up to 20%. While gaining 20% Movement Speed, Chastise's cooldown recharges 25% faster and mana cost is lowered by 25%.
//The lowered mana cost encourage a more frequent use of Chastise.//

Enchant Boots – Lion's Speed: Moved from level 13. Gain 5% Movement Speed. This bonus is quadrupled while Leap of Faith's cooldown is available. Allies pulled by Leap of Faith gain a shield that absorbs 280 (+4% per level) damage for 4 seconds.
//Turning the healing over time into a shield might be too strong but then again, Leap of Faith has already a very high cooldown so I think it's still a reasonable change.//

Level 20:
Light of Stormwind: Holy Word: Salvation does not have to be channeled anymore.
//The talent in its current state is a classic example of "Win More." Holy Word: Salvation is a very risky ability as it is, putting you in a dangerous spot and can be easily interrupted. This proposed talent change eliminates the biggest issue of Holy Word: Salvation. Might be too strong, though.//

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