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Instead of XP Update we need a Teaching Update

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Instead of XP Update we need a Teaching Update

It is fairly obvious at this point that the XP and cata changes are VERY poorly received on the PTR. It is also obvious that the team has put in too much work to scrap it now but in the spirit of suggestions why not make one.

Personally the most fun I've had playing HotS isn't necessarily close matches, it is the matches when everyone knows what their role is and has enough game knowledge to work as a team whether it is a stomp or not. Unfortunately most of the player base does not have this knowledge so Blizzard has to fundamentally change the game to keep matches closer. Instead I suggest they revamp the tutorial with new rewards and create a training system that allows people to know what they are doing.

Firstly the Tutorial is years outdated and needs to be redone with Cloaken guiding Raynor as he learns how to soak, choose talents, mercs and objectives, and how structures affect the game. At the end of the Tutorial you get Cloaken as an announcer to continue to guide you with his suggestions and positivity.

Secondly with the new role system they need to add a training to learn the roles solo and as a team similar to StarCraft's training system. For bruisers your first training would be as Sonya in a bot match with your objective to soak gain X Xp in 3 minutes where X is soaking every wave in your solo lane that bots won't come to and cannot be gained by killed in other lanes. After complete that it ends and you can do the next where you have to soak X XP and bully your opponent to half health within 5 minutes without dying. Next objective would be the first two plus getting a Merc camp. Next would be previous plus getting one enemy kill then last would be the previous plus helping your team get a punisher. At the end of Training you receive Sonya for free and a cosmetic Sonya item of your choice. The other roles would have similar objectives except like heal X HP or don't let your allies die etc to fill out the rest of your roster with one of each role. After you complete all training you get one hero of your choice for free.

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Thirdly they should implement a co op training to teach you that if your team is down a talent tier don't go for the tribute to die, put pressure on other parts of the map. Or make scenarios like escape from braxis but with different maps and objectives. You could even implement a training system for each battleground that has you control one temple while getting X XP in a certain time.

These are all ideas that are inspired by others and other Blizzard titles that would educate the player base far beyond a single article on HGC.com every few months. It is a long shot but cheers to Heroes 3.0 and hopefully a reworked tutorial at least.

TLDR: we need a new tutorial as well as insolated training mode with bots with specific objectives to learn roles and the game and give rewards after you accomplish your learning.

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