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Interview With A Master Series #3 Featuring “Wait Till They Get A Load of Me” Kerrigan!

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Interview With A Master Series #3 Featuring "Wait Till They Get A Load of Me" Kerrigan!

Hey Heroes,

This interview will feature a Master Kerrigan player. This interview will be a form format. Enjoy!

P.S. I also have another Kerrigan player in the works (I am conducting a flow interview)…stay tuned for that one soon).

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Player: u/baethovenbb

1) What is your current player level and which character do you think and feel that you have mastered completely?

I have several accounts spanning ranks diamond5-master1000 so I don't actually know what the account levels are but I'd estimate that when added together it's close to level 1800.

2) Why did you choose to master this character? What was the appeal?

For one, Kerrigan's feature cinematics from the StarCraft enterprise are EPIC. She's also a terrifying force to face in the nexus when played by a skilled player, so I decided to try my hand at her.

3) How long did it take for you to master the character?

Not answered.

4) What modes did you use to master the character?

I find SL to be the only game mode I can effectively practice heroes (especially ones vulnerable to coordinated CC like Kerrigan) because team comps and coordinated focus fire/crowd control are massively influential factors you don't encounter in QM or UR. These things must be learned to play against effectively at a high level.

5) What are the strengths of your character?

Kerrigan is extremely versatile, capable of waveclear (double soaking included), mercs, solo lane, teamfight burst, mobility (q resets), both engage or follow up, and survivability (assimilation shields). She can fill whatever gap a team needs at any given time during the game and is a solid dps/flex/solo pick in nearly any team comp.

6) What are the weakness that you have found in the character?

Kerrigan is only weak to 3 heroes: Garrosh, Arthas, Deathwing. CC is generally her only counter so if you wait for enemy cooldowns to be blown she has essentially no weaknesses standing in her way.

7) What is your favorite utility build for every map?

8) Do you have a specific build for specific comps or enemy comps?


(Questions 7 & 8 combined) Q build with ultralisk is meta on most maps because it doesn't rely on landing a combo and can provide extremely fast burst damage (3 Qs in succession with or without auto attacks will basically delete any squishy). It's especially insane on infernal shrines where she can amass thousands of shield points, hop around indefinitely, and maintain permanent 40% spell power all just by using Q for resets on the objective monsters. My personal favorite build is E build, which shines when kerrigan faces enemies that rely on ability damage (ie mages) because she can maintain 75 spell armor for entire teamfights with the 13 E talent Many players like W build which is very powerful in combination with reliable tank/support cc (Uther, etc BW) as following up with a guaranteed combo.

9) What tips would you give to a player who was looking to master your character?

Kerrigan players MUST be patient and plan far ahead of time the pacing of her Q charges and her combo. Try to wait for a CC from your teammates before throwing out a combo. Also try to wait for your enemies to use their CC on your tank player(s). AA and Q people for lots of sustained damage until you see an opening. More often than not, enemies get sloppier as teamfights go on, and get easily complacent with sidesteps when they are distracted by your teammates or when you fake aggression on a someone else and throw out your combo in an unexpected direction.

Control the information your enemies have by abusing bushes and terrain, throwing combos from outside of vision or jumping over terrain to incite a knee-jerk flee, which is almost always a guaranteed combo. If you miss, quickly calculate how much subseauent damage you expect to take and decide instantly if you will commit anyway and use Q/E explosion damage to secure a kill OR simply walk away and try again later. This calculation may include certain death, in which case it is absolutely worth it to burn everything on securing a kill before you die or eating all your enemies' cooldowns so that your team has an unobstructed path to winning the teamfight after you've died.

Many correct kerrigan plays are strategic suicides, trading for either 1+ kills or trading for all your enemies' cooldowns, which will allow your team to clean up afterward. Try to leave minions alive at low health for the extra Q reset mobility either to extend your engage range or have an escape route. Make use of her Merc and waveclear to keep your side of the map tidy/pushed out

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