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Is Kerrigan’s kit a bit tired?

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Is Kerrigan's kit a bit tired?

I've been playing her recently and noticed that, in comparison to other melee assassins and other heroes, in general, it seems like a lot of what she does is kind of mundane. It's certainly effective. If you pull off the combo, she can be devastating and a good player can still be quite intimidating for the opposition. But, unlike many other heroes, her talent tree just seems like more of the same. Instead of picking up a talent that says "X ability now functions like this" or "X functions the same but adds this", her tree is mostly "X ability does more of what it already does"; more damage, more charges, more shields. There's nothing wrong with that, since it makes her even better at what she already does well. It's just that she already inflicts a lot of damage and gains a lot of shields and so on. It reminds me of the old WoW talent trees, where 1/3 of them would be: "Do 5 more damage with Stormstrike." Yay? It just seems like the tree doesn't allow for a lot of variation in playstyle from one Kerrigan to the next.


Maybe it's a visual thing, too? For as iconic a character as the Queen of Blades is, she doesn't bring a lot of visual impact to the table. Her most visually impressive ability, Grasp, ends with a… flash of purple light? Compare that to the blazing flames and crackling lightning and psionic explosions of those around her and it's really easy to lose her damage effects in a fight. The second-most visually impressive ability, Blades, has such a small area of effect and is so static that I don't notice the spikes from the ground anymore. I just notice the "stunned" label above opponents when it lands. Ravage, of course, has no visual production at all. Her heroics are the same way: One is a halo of purple light and the other is an Ultralisk(!) who makes less of a visual (or aural) statement than Rexxar's bear. I think about using the combo and I realize that I'm showing less of an effect on the screen with three abilities than what I could be doing with one, like stabbing through three people with Carnage (with a cool sound!) or swinging around the whole teamfight with Revolving Sweep, even if I'm doing just as much, if not more, in the game.

I guess one upside with her is that, if you've had the chance to acquire them, she has a plethora of cool skins, a couple of which actually do make her fairly mundane abilities look more interesting. And maybe that's the key. Maybe Kerrigan, visually and talent-wise, is a great example of what the game used to be/look like and could use an update? I'm fully amenable to the idea that it's just me, too. She's never been a favorite and maybe she still isn't.

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