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Is there a positive side to this?

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Is there a positive side to this?

So I've had some time to let this sink in, blew off some steam and think about what to do and what the aftermath will be.

First off I know that most of the professional players are going to or already have left the game. They are in it for the money and are dependent on a professional scene to sustain them and pay their bills. Without it they will need to find a new game to master.

What pissed me off…

The way Blizzard (Activision I'm guessing) handled this. A week shy of Christmas they let several hundred people go and tell some very passionate developers that they won't be working on their favorite game any more. They just gave the entire community, content creators, casters and professional players the middle finger in the coldest way they possibly could have done it. That's what pissed me off and made me lose the respect I had left for this corporate bullshit.

Is there a positive side to this?

They're not going to abandon the game. There's still a group of deeply engaged and passionate developers left. These will spend their time making this game better for the community, as they love the game and want to see it succeed. With the big pressure from Activision removed as they are pretty much left alone, they will theoretically be able to make changes without much input from management.

HGC or any professional tournaments will not be hosted by Blizzard, but do we really need to have the company who created the game also funding its e-sport scene? CS:GO is a good example of a game that has most of its big tournaments hosted by the community, and. that game is killing it! What if ESL or any other e-sport organization picks up after Blizzard and get help from sponsors, wouldn't that be something? If that happens we may get tournaments that are bigger than they ever have been.

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I don't think the game is dead, because just a small percentage of the player base were there for the professional scene and very few watched the HGC (source: my own experience when talking to my clan, team members, generally talking to other players and the view counts during the biggest tournaments).

Community – stand together!

We need to stick together now and show our love for this game. Keep playing the game we love and start hosting small tournaments. Things may not grow, but we will never know if we don't try. Maybe the game are better off without the huge funding going into the HGC and are going to do better than ever with a small but dedicated team. That is, after all, how Heroes of the Storm was born in the first place.

Let's stand as one and enjoy this marvelous game! Let's make both the forums and this subreddit positive so that new players coming in are going to see a welcoming and warm community of passionate people who love this game. That's how we get people to move over from LoL, DotA and other games.

– Tons of love from a passionate player who love this game and truly want to see it succeed.

tl;dr: I feel like there's a positive side to this that we have yet to see. A smaller more dedicated team may be good for the game, and a professional scene can be made by the community.

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