Heroes of the Storm

Is there any your favorite Blizzard Universe Character’s quote, if you want someone/something to be added to the game?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Is there any your favorite Blizzard Universe Character's quote, if you want someone/something to be added to the game?

I mean, If there is any, ANY character that Blizzard made, and you want to see in HotS, then what is your favorite character's voice lines/quotes?

You can just write it simply! Leave a comment as you want!

My favorite ones are:

  • Keristrasza – Forced/Unwilling Consort of Malygos
  • Malygos – The Spell-Weaver, Blue Dragon Aspect, Guardian of Arcane Magic
  • Sindragosa(As seperate hero, I suppose) – Prime/Beloved Consort of Malygos, Arthas used her as mount
  • Sinestra(aka Sintharia) – Deathwing's Prime Consort, can be found in Bastion of Twilight as Hidden Final Boss, if you managed to kill Cho'Gall im Heroic Mode.

… and well, looks like I love dragons so much. lol. especially Malygos and Sindragosa. Anyway, their quotes/voice lines are:


Preserve? Why? There's no truth in it. No no no… only in the taking! I see that now!

Finish it! Finish it! Kill me, or I swear by the Dragonqueen you'll never see daylight again!


Lesser beings, intruding here! A shame that your excess courage does not compensate for your stupidity!

None but the blue dragonflight are welcome here! Perhaps this is the work of Alexstrasza? Well then, she has sent you to your deaths! (If you encounter Alexstrasza as enemy, I suppose)

YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED WHILE I DRAW BREATH! (If there is "Arcane Breath" skill for Malygos)

I had hoped to end your lives quickly, but you have proven more…resilient then I had anticipated. Nonetheless, your efforts are in vain, it is you reckless, careless mortals who are to blame for this war! I do what I must… And if it means your…extinction…THEN SO BE IT!


Your stupidity has finally caught up to you! / More artifacts to confiscate… / <Laughs> How very… naïve… / I am the spell-weaver! My power is infinite! / Your energy will be put to good use! (When killing a player)

I will teach you IGNORANT children just how little you know of magic…

Now your benefactors make their appearance…But they are too late. The powers contained here are sufficient to destroy the world ten times over! What do you think they will do to you?

Etc etc. Malygos have too many quotes to write it all. LOL.


You are fools to have come to this place! The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls!

Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic betrays you! (the most infamous quote you probably heard!)


A flaw of mortality…

Enough! I tire of these games!

Malygos, my old love! (Can be found in Hearthstone, if you summon Malygos against Sindragosa, just an idea for an interactions)

Sinestra(aka Sintharia)

We were fools to entrust an imbecile like Cho'gall with such a sacred duty. I will deal with you intruders myself!

Deathwing! I have fallen…. The brood… is lost.

Anyway, what is your own favorite quotes in WoW/WC3/SC/OW/Dia/HS Universe? Please leave your comment freely!

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