Heroes of the Storm

Is this community interested in a community funded tournament?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Is this community interested in a community funded tournament?

Hi All,

With great sadness i've read the news on which enough is said and done so I will leave it at that. However I don't think HGC should end like this.

My best hope is that HeroesHype comes with something but I also want to see if there is something I could do.

But first things first is that this is not how it should end. Khlador, Jhow, Gen G. Dignitas everyone deserves a proper ending in one way or another. I don't want to remember it like this.

So here is the question; Is this community interested in a community funded tournament?

We could do it "Custom Game" style to save a lot of money. Locations and flights for all the people might take a considerable amount of funding so if we could have the teams and casters just play from their home that's one thing won.

My best guess was to make a kickstarter like campaign where we, the community, show our support and then equally devide the donations. This should be a foundation in which the trust lies with the well known names.

Not me, not another random guy that buys a Ferrari with the money, a foundation run by people we trust. Open and transparent.


It's sad that it's weekend but this monday I will consult with a notary office and try to find as much information as I can so that when we find willing people to help set this at least a goodbye tournament, we can!

My pledge is that I, besides money I donate if it comes to this, offer free webhosting and a free domainname from my company. Anything "server-ish" needed will be provided by us.

So if there is interest we need webdesigners, casters and offcourse teams to make an epic event to at least give a proper send of to our HGC heroes.

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HGC and Heroes of the Storm might be dead/dying but we can at least have one last party wth the corpse!


The news just hit me. So while this post is shorter then I wanted I will think about a lot this weekend and see if I "discover" the golden nugget solution… I will make a better post once I have a better idea of the interests from the community.

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