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Issues with Rank Limitations for Parties in Storm League

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Issues with Rank Limitations for Parties in Storm League

Issue #1

I played about 300 games at Master this Season, however I also played about 10 games around low Diamond while in Party with Platinum players, thanks to the the Average MMR Matchmaking.

If you are a Master player in Party with 2 Platinum players, the games are so easy to carry that you are basically getting free Rank Points! You don't even need the Platinum players to be smurfing, so imagining doing that as well.

While I had 50% Win Rate over about 200 games while in Solo Queue at Master, I think that I could easily farm enough Rank Points to become Grand Master by using this exploit because I have about 90% Win Rate over 10 really easy games while doing so and receive the same amount of Rank Points for a Win than when I don't, including the Personal Rank Adjustment.

Can we fix this somehow, please? It's important that lower Rank players don't get pushed to high Ranks without deserving it.

If a player has a Rank that's too high/low compared to the mean Rank of that given game, then he should get less/more Rank Points at the end via a Player Favored Adjustment (similar to the current Team Favored Adjustment) and/or reduce the Rank Limitations for Parties with Master players to a single League difference.

Issue #2

Players who didn't end Placement Matches yet have no Rank Limitations for Parties in Storm League.


As the most active Reddit users know already, I did a test with my two weeks fresh secondary account – that was Diamond 5 in Hero League with about 60% Win Rate and about 200 games – by playing 10 Placement Matches in Storm League with a Silver: Master 1000 after 10-0 with and against Silver players!

In the meanwhile, my main account – that was Master in Hero League every Season since 2017 Season 3 with about 50% Win Rate and over 800 games – played 10 Placement Matches with a low Master in Hero League player that was doing Placement Matches too: about Diamond 3 after 7-3 with and against similar Rank players.

This won't be a huge problem during the next Season because we'll have to play only 3 Placement Matches and they probably won't artificially boost the MMR Uncertainty, but it's still worth mentioning you could basically 3-0 for free.

If a player didn't complete his Placement Matches yet, then he shouldn't be able to get in a Party with people outside of his Rank Limitations for Parties or be locked in Solo Queue for 3 games.

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