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It’s 4:00am and I can’t sleep so here’s how I’d rework D.Va

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - It's 4:00am and I can't sleep so here's how I'd rework D.Va

Mech deaths no longer count as partial kills, killing pilot D.Va now counts for a full kill.

So D.Va’s main problem is that she has no form of self sustain, which is important on a bruiser. Or rather, she has one of the most unique and interesting forms of healing by losing her mech and building back a new one, but you’re punished for playing that way by giving your enemies extra experience; a key feature of a bruiser is the ability to sustain or mitigate damage and without doing that she has to be afraid to get into her opponent's face

Mech health will probably need to be reduced if throwing it away and scrambling to get a new one should be part of her core gameplay plan.

Move Self Destruct to one of her Heroics, add Micro Missiles.

Self destruct is in a really awkward spot for a non-Heroic ability. Her disparity of power between when she does or does not have it charged is massive and her entire gameplan revolves around charging it. Once she does have it, the threat is usually more potent than the actual use of it as it can be a massive game changer but will likely do nothing but scare people off for a few seconds. Between the charge rate and the unreliability of its effects Self Destruct is simply too much of a wild card to balance around for a basic ability.

As an aside, a large part of her power budget will likely go to her Heroices, so her early game will be a little worse but her late game a little better. Both of her Heroic options will give her ways to get back into her mech quicker to emphasize that mechanic.

Micro Missiles can be added as a basic ability to take their place, and can have much the same purpose as in Overwatch: to let her be a bully as any good bruiser or offtank should be. They add some threat of burst damage as well as a longer than usual effective range for her.

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Similar to her current defense matrix, Micro Missiles would lock her ability to turn but still allow her to move. It fires off a series of eight missiles that explode with the first enemy they make contact with, dealing minor damage per hit on the primary target and a lesser amount as splash damage. This ability can be easily sidestepped adding some counterplay and making her core DPS not completely based on lockons, and has a range a little bit longer than her standard attack range. Can be used during her boost.


Her basic attack damage would likely need to be reduced to compensate for the front-loaded damage output of adding Micro Missiles to her kit.

Potential talents:

  • Micro Missiles now locks on to a target similar to Tychus’ Q, but the projectiles will still explode on the first target hit
  • Micro Missiles have reduced cooldown for each hero they hit
  • Micro Missiles pierce the first non-hero they hit
  • Micro Missiles shred 2 armor on their primary target
  • Micro Missiles have increased splash damage range and do more splash damage
  • Using Micro Missiles during Boost will cause them to travel farther and faster, and deal increased damage

You can now rotate during Defense Matrix

A large part of the power budget of Defense Matrix was charging up Self Destruct, but since that’s being removed the ability probably needs to have a little something added to it. Being able to reactivate the ability to turn at a reduced speed should help her opress DPS heroes during a team fight and give her a unique flavor compared to other bruisers.

Heroic 1: Self Destruct

Moved to being a Heroic, and has a cooldown instead of a charge meter. Both of her heroics should give her an additional way to get back into her mech as part of their design, so like previously ejecting from your mech as part of using Self Destruct will let you summon a new mech after a few seconds. In addition, she can now use Self Destruct during her mech’s death animation similar to how she can in Overwatch. I am unsure if the ability to Self Destruct during death should be cancelled by stuns or silences, as it would add interesting counterplay in doing so.

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For the level 20, her Nuclear Option will increase the Area of the blast in addition to it’s damage and detonation time.

Heroic 2: Bunny Hop and Big Shot

To compete with the potential of Self Destruct, she gets two slightly weaker versions of her current ultimates, both of which are usable depending on if you’re in her mech or not. Big Shot helps you get back into her mech and Bunny Hop helps you be annoying in team fights. There isn’t much to say here.

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