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It’s Andiversary – An updated list of spell interactions for Andy and thoughts on a Serendipity mechanic

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - It's Andiversary - An updated list of spell interactions for Andy and thoughts on a Serendipity mechanic

Yes, I really wanted to make that pun. 1 year since Anduin’s release, 46.% WR overall (SL and QM) and 32% Popularity. He’s the lowest performing healer along with Deckard and isn't very difficult to play.
What makes a good Anduin?
What makes a bad Anduin?
Is there such a distinction? How low is your bar?
What do you think contributes to his low winrate?
Is it his playstyle? Is it his design?
Is it simply low numbers combined with nothing but delays on his healing (unless you hit people with the apex of your W)?
So let’s talk. First of all it’s kind of
dQWr7wp - It's Andiversary - An updated list of spell interactions for Andy and thoughts on a Serendipity mechanic

my Andiversary too so I thought I’d share an updated list of spell interactions since release (some are from a previous post) :

Interesting interactions I found while leveling:

  1. If you kite the Divine Star long enough it will trigger twice on allies (about 2 seconds), run along the tailend
    Or if you toss out your W right before gripping someone at max distance
  2. If you pull someone and Kerrigan or someone is about to pounce on them at the same time, they will end up at the destination pull location
  3. Graviton does not cancel Holy Word channel once it is active
  4. If you are VPd as you start the cast for Holy Word it will continue to cast immediately after release
  5. Should you die while Divine Star is traveling it will come back and heal where you died…sometimes
  6. Gripping someone who is channeling an ult does count as an interrupt, even Alarak's
  7. > applies > > > and >
  8. Chastise will sometimes latch on way beyond its effect
  9. Gripping someone out of Butcher ult will make them free to move but the silence remains
  10. If you are interrupted before the initial Holy Word cast reaches ~50% done it will go on a 10 sec CD, anything after that will trigger the full CD (After you hear the "Ding" and he starts his voiceline)
  11. Healing Fountain counts towards > regen
  12. Gripping Fenix while he is teleporting interrupts him and puts it on full CD
  13. The CD of > ticks down while it is active and can be used while mounted
  14. DVA mech can now be gripped
  15. Anduin's spells hurt a lot more than you'd think and he has a bit more hp than you'd think making him effective at trading with some heroes with the right build and initiating with weird all assassin comps
  16. Pulling Hanzo while he's jumping results in a vertical mega-leap and is pretty fun to watch
  17. Standing in Holy Word will not immediately ban your account. You can stand in it. Promise it won't hurt you. On a serious note if you're a new player – Protected btw still means he and anyone in it can be stunned, silenced and displaced out of it
  18. Grip is not a global and has an 80 sec CD stop asking for a pull 5 screens away in the middle of the 5 of them. You're dead. Accept it. On a serious note grip is about a bit smaller than DVA bomb radius so yeah when you cry "grip grip grip" it's literally out of range because you dove too deep to where I can't follow or you just keep running away from me, please look at the map and come towards me just a little bit.
    Using grip as a cleanse point blank is not always the best option as it mini-stuns and startles your teammates, if they don’t react quickly they’re still dead.
  19. Gripping someone before they’re VPd and you’re not makes them end up at your original grip location.
  20. Lightbomb goes off inside Stitches Gorge, Blaze Bunker, not sure on Maw – does not go off in VP, it goes off after depending on how long was left on detonation
  21. Pulling Sonya during WW does not interrupt it, pulling Qirah during her spinny ult does not interrupt it
  22. You can pull qira out of her spinny thing, if the timing lines up exactly
  23. Chogall counts for 1 hit on CDR for Inner Focus
  24. Leoric can get Divine star healing twice if he wraith walks through beginning to end
  25. casting Divine Star before using a Medivh portal will make the return star only go to where you entered the portal
  26. Should Tassadar be in his shift with a dot and dying upon leaving, your salv will not save him (seriously he just tipped over even though I was channeling my ult, ready for him to leave) this was pre-rework but it probably applies to other stasis as well
  27. gripping someone who’s being pulled by Dehaka tongue makes them come to you as normal, there’s no weird cancel out effect, if you grip Dehaka while he’s pulling someone his CC will cancel
  28. Being blinded will make your > AAs miss too
  29. It’s not that obvious it seems but, Anduin’s heal has a cast time meaning that if you teleport or recall during it YOU WILL CANCEL HIS HEAL……………and die or at least make me audibly groan
  30. If you don’t get hit by the center of Tass’ > and get stunned you can channel your Salv inside it and you will slide along the ult, it will not cancel

Alright, now we come to the main part of this post. What's up with Anduin? 1 year later he's still a "mediocre, saving stupid people from stupid things, easy to pick up if you don't play a healer" healer. Don't get me wrong, I love playing Anduin but as a former Alex OTP it still feels like yeah I'm doing fine but if I was on any other healer, wouldn't I be doing more? Don’t the others do exactly what he does and have more utility?

He’s also such a late bloomer compared to everyone else. His power spikes are at 16 and 20 (this one makes sense since it’s storm tier but still his other talents are so meh it’s a relief when the game drags out until 20) with Inner Focus and Varian’s Legacy and that’s the moment where he becomes so much more effective because he can super-heal people! He can also kill people!
It also feels like he’s missing something…. from someone who's played a Holy Priest since Cata, he doesn't feel like a Holy Priest aside from the flash heal, sounds and talent names.

So here’s the TL:DR of what changes I’d like to see:

Not a complete, dreaded, rework – he’s just fine the way he is, but he could be better. "But Zelaria he's already really really good!" Maybe in lower leagues but the numbers don't lie and he's not as difficult to play fundamentally as someone like Maiev, Medivh or Genji.
Is it a rework? NO. I’m not asking for him to be completely reworked because every rework ever has killed the hero for me – Chromie, Tyrande and Whitemane (I really really liked mana juggle Whitemane and double owl assassin Tyrande). Embrace the “caster in HotS” and make his flash heal low heal low CD to reduce the CD of either a decent AoE heal or a strong single target burst. His general playstyle would be the same as picking a passive W or Q build now over AA, just with 2 additional spells that actually fit into the Hpriest fantasy.

Anduin, the way he plays, is more DISCIPLINE priest rather than HOLY. And one award he always gets is Clutch Healer, so why not elaborate on that and take some more inspiration from the WoW Holy priest. Being able to “prime” his holy words and predict incoming damage and placing a well-timed Sanctify or Serenity on targets along with executing good grips. I think it would give him some deeper gameplay besides AAing all the time to supplement his healing while tossing out DS on enemies that are hopefully stacking for max effect, which feels more Whitemane, Auriel and Tyrande, while having the same overall difficulty. It’s not hard to play a holy priest, really.
It would also make his passive build better since I get asked so many times if Q build is viable and I'm like…..lol… Evenhanded Blessings over Inner Focus huh? The only time I personally take pure passive W build is with a Garrosh Uther wombo and it usually does ~30k less healing or more or less depends on game length than aggressive AA Anduin build.

So let’s take a look at the WoW Holy Priest for a second to understand why Anduin lacks the Holy Priest flavor:
Holy has an integral mechanic since Cataclysm – Chakra, reimagined to Serendipity in Legion which is what it is now. I imagine that most of this is reserved for Velen but honestly I'm very very surprised that this mechanic didn't make it into Anduin's kit. As a character his current best build, AA, doesn't fit him very much as he's a pacifist, I guess he's AAing to protect his people but still he'd rather not. So….

  • What’s Serendipity?

You have 2 main spells on a 1 minute CD:
Holy Word: Serenity and Holy Word: Sanctify (Well, 3 if we count Chastise but it’s actually alright as a root even though it’s an incapacitate in WoW).

  • Serenity is a single target high healing burst. Each one of your single target heals – Greater Heal, Binding Heal and Flash Heal reduces that CD by 8 seconds.

  • Holy Word: Sanctify, formerly Sanctuary, is an AoE heal that used to be for a duration in an area but now is an instant cast that heals up to 6 of the most injured targets in the area. Cooldown reduced by 6 sec when you cast Prayer of Healing and by 2 sec when you cast Renew.

And I’m going to throw this one in here BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST SPELL IN THE GAME. I seriously love this spell, the sound, the animation, please. PLEASE. Make it a talent, Blizzard. How did this not make it into his kit??

  • Prayer of Mending: Places a spell on the target that heals them for x the next time they take damage. When the heal occurs, Prayer of Mending jumps to an ally within 20 yards. Jumps up to 5 times and lasts 30 sec after each jump. This spell would make me an Andy main all over again. I love this spell. The sound and everything. It’s a good spell.

  • > is a defensive CD in WoW. Costs no mana, increases maximum health by 25% for 10 sec, and instantly heals you for that amount.

I threw this in because DP as it stands imo is a niche pick, Varian's is too good (I'd also genuinely like to know how "VL is meme pick" came to be? let me know) and you have to pick this talent when the enemy can't just nuke the 1.something k healing right off your target, like a DoT comp and they also have to not be full of CC or targeting you with it since you're self stunning. I sometimes pick it as a for the lulz talent if we already dominate the game so I can bend the knee at the core. Fight me.

And lastly, there’s less of an emphasis on lifegrip in WoW and I’m sure most of his power budget is placed in his Trait so why can’t a good Anduin reduce the CD on Leap?? He’s supposed to be the guy who takes people out of sticky situations but it doesn’t feel rewarding to simply wait out the 80 seconds after a good grip until you can save someone again, especially since he still can only save 1 person and can’t grip himself. Alex gets CDR on her 13 ability if she heals a target that is stunned, rooted or silenced….A talent or base ability bake for moderate CD reduction wouldn’t push him into OP territory. Hell, a god Medivh is more annoying to deal with than a god Anduin since, again, he can neither cleanse himself nor teleport away.

On that note, please increase the range of grip just a little bit for the love of everything that is holy. Just a tiny bit.

So let’s take all of this information together and construct a more holy priestish Anduin, who still retains the option to go AA build.

Why not make Flash Heal a very low CD, like Ana’s 2 sec, or even 1 sec + Cast time, lower the healing but give him Serenity and Sanctify as baseline abilities. Casting your Q and W will lower the CD of the two abilities. This way you don’t have to wait until 16 to get a major power spike in healing and it might be more consistent over the match.

Right now Flash Heal is the weakest spell he has until 16 and you take Inner Focus. If you don’t get a Renew proc the healing is really kind of pathetic compared to other healers, making a good Divine Star that hit several enemies your primary heal imo.
So now I’m thinking, you know what? Embrace the cast time and the low healing as a filler spell for something more powerful.

Level 1 you can go Bold Strategy which now is reworded to make your AAs apply Renew and the AA healing from Pursued by Grace like it does now but you don’t gain the benefits of Benediction or PBG CDR/healing

  • Pursued by Grace – Now also applies CDR or healing? 1 or the other? to your holy words but not as much as

  • Benediction – Your Q and W CDR of your holy words or the healing or both? of them is increased by X, making you effectively a more backline …holy priest.
    Serenity and Sanctify share a CD in this case, because having a ST and AoE heal on separate CDs would make him a bit too good, so pick whatever you need for a given situation. Less healing overall but AoE or a strong single target heal. Making Serenity and Sanctify instant might be a bit OP but that would have to be tested. Maybe .25 – .5 sec cast time if it proves a problem

Level 16 Inner Focus is too good. It's so good I can't even describe how much of a power spike it is. You can easily outheal a Pyro or any other execute with double or even triple Inner Focus Q. Which makes a fun talent like Holy Nova just not pickable. I like it but it's not even close to IF. I also hate Evenhanded, it has its place but healing someone with Evenhanded compared to Inner focus to me is like pulling teeth. Sooooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow and painful and soooooo much mana wasted. TLDR Inner Focus gud. So let's give him something else, or bump the numbers on the other talents. or….nerf IF….please don't…..

As mentioned in the WoW section PoM (Prayer of Mending) is an amazing spell and I’d love to have it in the game. It’s essentially a heal that would have a place in his kit as something to pick when you’re on the move a lot but still need to heal more than 1 or 2 targets in rapid succession (healing the lowest hp target in range), unlike Lightwell which tethers you to a location and people don’t stand in it anyways because it’s just as much as a target as Alex’s W or your Salv unless you’re putting it somewhere way offscreen. Kind of what Holy Nova wants to be.

  • Yes, I'm well aware that Holy Nova has the highest WR out of the talents but also the lowest popularity with the least amount of games played so the sample size is quite low, because I personally pick it as a fun talent when we're already winning hard and I'm too lazy to deal with either LW or IF. Same goes for Evenhanded, 2nd lowest popularity.

Another change to Holy Nova could be 1 of 2 things, if he gets Sanctify, for those who don’t like piano builds – make hitting 3 or more targets friendly or enemy with W trigger Sanctify at the apex of divine star. Otherwise a change could be making Holy Nova trigger once at the apex and once at Anduin’s location. There, now you don’t have to hug your teammates in the middle of the enemy team to reap the healing benefit and a good Holy Nova can be a great source of healing with the explosion triggering twice, a good Anduin’s positioning matters.

The other talents….they're all alright, I mean why fix what ain't broken. Maybe have PW: Shield be an activatable on demand rather than tie it to his W. My only real issue is his lategame healing power spike, (there is a noticeable difference in healing power once you hit 16 that I just don't feel on someone like Alex, Whitemane or Tyrande, their healing seems consistentish throughout the match, with maybe minor increases here and there from completing talents – maybe Ana with the triple dosage at 16 comes close to the feeling but not quite as much) and that he just doesn't reflect Holy that much. Would these changes make his kit too bloated? IMO, nah. I actually enjoyed playing Piano Whitemane and I think many enjoyed Piano Uther as well. Overall his playstyle would be the same but he’d have extra abilities to deal with certain situations. They’re just 2 more abilities that aren’t hard to get the hang of since the essence of them is already in the game – Desperate Prayer is Serenity and Holy Nova is Sanctify.

And lastly, please make Lighbomb a bit more noticeable! As soon as I put it on some people it's like it's time to get out. WHAT? NO. STOP THAT! I'm used to the sound and duration and such because I play him a lot but people who aren't familiar with Anduin probably don't notice it because it's a bit……………light.

I'll see myself out.

Just please, do something with him. Over the course of a year he's had maybe 2 or 3 balance updates which didn't do much, he was at 45% ish since the very beginning. I’m not sure if this idea of his kit didn’t work out in internal testing or if it’s reserved for another hero but he needs a little bit of something. I’m tired of my friend (jokingly) mocking me for onetricking

Something’s just not right that’s all.
Is it his numbers? Is it his fantasy? Although it was never confirmed that he’s strictly holy, the naming of his talents and just his personality say he’s not Disc like Whitemane or out of all things Shadow…
Would you like a Serendipity mechanic?
I’d give it a try, honestly and this concludes my Andiversary ramble. I'll still play him either way but I think it could turn out very fun and involved or very frustrating depending on how it would be implemented ~(‾▿‾~)

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