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It’s been a while, what’s going on with this game?

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - It's been a while, what's going on with this game?

I used to play Heroes a ton before the 2.0 stuff, and my time away isn't because of this game but more having so many things to play. I really missed playing, and so have been pretty heavily into it lately. Unfortunately I've noticed some things that are making me wonder if -that- much changed or if I am missing something? I know what all changed with 2.0 and I know right now they're doing a ton to XP and what not but I did have a few questions. I realize some can't be fully answered because only Blizzard truly knows, but I feel like I'm on crazy pills.

– Matchmaking. I've been a little scared to try ranked, though I like to think it would be a more even match there. I keep getting put on teams that have maybe a two stack while the enemy has a 4 stack. Sure some of these accounts are low level but that doesn't mean anything, and 9/10 times these games are a stomp. Did introducing the in game voice make Blizz think facing a four stack was fair?

– Skill. I'm an average player, I highly doubt I'd be anything higher than platinum if I played ranked (I think when I used to play I was somewhere in gold?). That being said I know there is that hidden MMR for things like QM, and I"m wondering if anyone has an inkling on what that is based off of? I like to play ranged assassins and support and I feel like I've had more games now where my teammates are a little oblivious and leave me hanging, especially as support. I got one game where the enemy tank was just bee-lining for me in the back and then yelling at me for not healing them while i was stunned/slept to death. Then of course if i try to move up with the rest of the group the assassins will just pick me off first. I'm worried the game thinks I'm worse than I am in cases that aren't always my fault.

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-Smurfs. Are those still a thing? I'm pretty sure I haven't run into any I'm just curious. I guess along with that wondering if ranked is fun and worth getting into again, despite where it might place me based off of me not having a great QM experience recently.

– Resources. What are the better websites for resources on different builds or "meta rankings"? I know that in QM and lower ranked games what's meta isn't necessarily law because we're not playing at top levels or anything, but with all the different reworks that have gone on it's nice to know somewhat what to expect from a character.

Sorry this is so long, and I fully expect to get a lot of responses of that it's just me being bad at the game or that google is my friend, but I would like to hear opinions and if anyone else has similar frustrations. I also would love to give ranked a shot again but lord I'm unsure what to expect there and a little afraid of in-game voice. Thanks for taking the time to read if you did, and thanks in advance for any thoughts 🙂

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