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I’ve been playing a terrible Murky build. Here’s what I’ve learned about how to improve his build variety.

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - I've been playing a terrible Murky build. Here's what I've learned about how to improve his build variety.

So the other Saturday I was playing Murky and had a bit of a bad losing streak. So at the end I decided, if I am going to keep losing I might actually lose by experimenting on new builds instead of some other bad luck factors.

This time I wanted to really investigate and try things I wouldn't ever try. I tried the worst possible build and tried to learn the most about making it work. Here's the build:

  • level 1: <>
  • level 4: <>
  • level 7: The fast bubble thing
  • level 10: Octograb
  • level 13: <> (!!)
  • level 16: <>
  • level 20: <>

So really the main things that make this build peculiar are Fish Eye and Egg Shell. Talents I would never, ever, ever, pick normally. And I kept playing this build. I had plenty of completely terrible matches. But I did have ONE excellent match. A very specific match that made me re-evaluate all I know about Murky.

One good Match

Black Heart's bay. The enemy has a Valeera. Both teams have skilled tanks but we have no healer. What's special about this match is that Valeera is very dependent on keeping stealth, so Fish Eye can really take her out of her confort zone. More so, all 9 players in this game didn't know how to play BHB so the whole game was fighting over the pirate point. Really that's it. We had access to vision over the whole Pirate area, and we guarded it well. They were at first much better at team fights, but spent the majority of the match unable to do any turn in. Eventually, things snowballed and they ran out of keeps. Also I had an amaing play in which my whole team got wiped and Valeera and Blaze were about to destroy my egg, but I respawned at that very second. My extra shell from <> allowed me to kill valeera without taking damage (they just wiped our team so they were all pretty weak) and I was able to kill Blaze as well (at level 20 this build can do that with a single octograb + puffer combo) and force Jaina (the last remaining hero on their team) to B but not without using blizzard to kill me. I died without an egg but this play nullified their team wipe. By then my teammates were starting to respawn.

What I've learned about Fish Eye

This talent really is a suicide talent that makes your egg broadcast your location. It also can be pretty strong. But you need a map with a strong objective that's limited to a small area of the map and a team that's capable of taking advantage of the vision. You should also have a stealth user in the other team so that the reveal is actually useful. But the secret strength of Fish Eye is that it is suicidal it constantly forces the enemy team to search for your egg. So this makes it useful in that regard, because it improves your chances to troll them. But it's so tricky. But it has potential.

Losing your egg, even when it is completely part of the plan, really annoys teammates. I got the "are you new to Murky?" question a lot more frequently than usual.


The worst part of it though, is that with all the time and effort invested in taking care of the egg, my XP output was in general far worse than it usually is. It's just a lot of work. If your team can't seize the advantage provided by its utility, you'll be constantly walking on egg shells and for nothing.

What I've learned about Egg Shell

I wouldn't be surprised this is the worst talent in the whole game. It is at least the worst talent across talent trees I am familiar with. Most of the time, the talent doesn't really exist. The shield just goes away too easily. If you pass by any ranged minions or mercs, it's gone. It's just very unlikely you'll have the shield before a team fight. And not only that, the other talents in its tier are both really good talents that Murky players would tell you are mandatory. Murky's gameplay normally changes abruptly at level 13, because the survivability from either <> or <> finally makes him viable at a lot of more things than before. At level 13 is usually where you can say Murky is finally ready to be more than just a troll. Egg Shell removes this altogether.

The only good experience I've had with this talent was the aforementioned one. If the enemy happen to attack your egg and you just happen to be lucky enough to respawn just before the egg is killed. Suddenly the shield is really nice (It's basically the same health bonus as Big Tuna Kahuna (while it lasts) ). But this almost never happens.

What I've learned about how to improve Murky

I think Fish Eye and Egg Shell can potentially have good synergy. Both talents are related to a long gone part of the Murky experience : Constantly losing eggs and having people lose mental effort in tracking your egg. The Egg Shell could give you a better chance to survive moments where all is lost and you died and they are about to kill your egg. Both the shield and the vision mean that you have to be more aggressive with the egg placement. Both talents also have their own way of discouraging Murky from being a lane bot. Fish Eye because of the constant stress of having to watch over the egg and Egg Shell because you don't want to waste your shield.

The problem though is that this bonus from Egg Shell is too circumstancial to be worth it. And Fish Eye has too many trade offs. So what I am saying is: Merge these talents. Maaaaybe the shield is a bit OP at level 1, but in that case, just nerf. But I think that the extra utility of having a shield ready when you respawn (and almost never in any other situation) will help Fish Eye be a bit more viable. It's also interesting to think of how would Murky having access to both this shield AND the level 13 talents could fare. And the other level 1 talents are still very powerful so it's not like it would be mandatory or anything, just a very different way to play Murky.

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