Heroes of the Storm

I’ve written a Rework for Kael’Thas, trying to fix him at low level.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - I've written a Rework for Kael'Thas, trying to fix him at low level.

This rework is based on the old Kael'Thas (when he was able to put a second Living Bomb on the first one, to make it explode immediately and spread).


  • Keep Kael'Thas's identity as "Mage that punishes enemies close each other", but allow a One Shot build based on Pyroblast.
  • Solve the problem avec Living Bomb at low level, where it spreads too easily, and almost never at high level.
  • Improve his Talent Tree. Currently a single build is played at high level, and there useless talents like Twin Spheres.


  • Flamestrike (Q)
    • Mana cost increased from 70 to 75.
    • Damage reduced from 345 (+4% per level) to 300 (+4% per level).

  • Living Bomb (W)
    • Mana cost increased from 50 to 75.
    • Damage dealt over time reduced from 126 (+4% per level) to 120 (+4% per level).
    • Explosion damage reduced from 215 (+4% per level) to 180 (+4% per level).
    • Adjusted functionality:
      • Verdant Spheres makes this Ability costs no Mana and have its cooldown reduced to 0.75 seconds.
    • Added functionality:
      • Primary Living Bombs are now burning in Red, and Secondary Living Bombs burn in Purple. Only Primary Living Bombs can spread.
      • Casting a second Living Bomb on an enemy affected by a Primary Living Bomb causes the bomb to explode immediately, spreading to every Heroes hit, and only Heroes. If a second Living Bomb is applied on a Secondary Living Bomb, it will explode but not spread.
      • Living Bombs will only spread if a second Living Bomb is used on the first one.

Comment: Currently, Living Bomb are punishing enemies for their bad positioning instead of rewarding a skilled player. Once a Bomb has been put on an enemy, the player has not any impact on it which explains why it's so dangerous at low level and so useless at high level. With this change, Living Bomb are no longer a nightmare on low level, and can finally have an impact at high level by rewarding a Player able to exploit enemies too close each other. But it cannot happen instantly because there's a 0.75s delay before triggering the explosion, which brings counter-play.

  • Gravity Lapse (E)
    • Range increased by 15%.

Comment: Nether Wind is, and has always been a must-have. Gravity Lapse lacks only a bit of range to be viable without the talent, and after picking it, has too much range. This change should finally bring diversity at level 4 (at least at high level where Nether Wind is a must-have).

  • Verdant Sphères (Trait)
    • Added functionality: Wrath of the Sun King
      • Every time you inflict damage on more than 1 hero at a time, the damage is increased by 20%. This includes hitting 2 Heroes or more with Flamestrike, Pyroblast, Phoenix, the explosion of a Living Bomb, or spreading a Living Bomb.
      • Hitting 2 Heroes or more with Flamestrike while his radius has not been increased by Verdant Spheres multiplies the bonus damage of Wrath of the Sun King by 1.5.

Comment: This new Trait have been created by following the first goal: Kael'Thas is the mage that punishes enemies for being close each other. It explains the nerf of the Flamestrike and Living Bomb (which discourage players to use it just to poke for free) and rewards players for being able to hit 2 enemies at the same time, even more when the Radius of the Flamestrike has not been increased.

  • Phoenix (R1)
    • Duration reduced from 7 to 6 seconds.
    • Added functionality:
      • Prioritizes and attacks simultany every Heroes affected by Living Bomb.

Comment: I'll try to make the Phoenix more threatening than currently, and link the Living Bomb with it, where the Pyroblast (at level 20) will be linked to Flamestrike.

  • Baseline Quest added: Arcane Barrier (1)
    • !Quest: Gather a Regeneration Globe.
    • !Reward: Each Regeneration Globe increases Kael’Thas maximum Mana by 15.
    • !Reward: After gathering 20 Globes, Kael’Thas can activate Arcane Barrier to gain a Shield equal to 100% of his maximum Mana for 4 seconds.
      • 60 seconds cooldown.

Comment: This Quest has been added baseline for 2 reasons: First, it's part of Kael'Thas's Lore and identity in the Nexus. Second, as long as this Quest remains at level 1, it will be picked over other talents, as it fills 2 issues of KT: Mana and Survivability. In exchange of being baseline, the cooldown has been increased from 45 to 60s.


  • Level 1
    • Convection (Q)
      • New functionality: Convection (Trait)

E.g: 20%, 24%, 28% etc… This Quest has been designed according Kael'Thas's identity and is playable for a Q and W Build.

  • Fel Infusion (Trait)
    • Removed.

  • Mana Addict (Passive)
    • Moved to level 4.

  • New talent: Gravity Zero (E)
    • !Quest: Hit 10 Heroes with Flamestrike while they’ve been hit by Gravity Lapse last 3 seconds.
    • !Reward: Gravity Lapse grants 15% Spell Power for your next Ability if you hit a Hero.
    • !Passive: Reduces the cooldown of Gravity Lapse by 7 seconds when you hit a Hero.

Comment: This Quest has been designed in case you'd like to focus your damage output on a single target instead of using the new Trait. This talent was already available at the very beginning and was Convection!

  • New talent: Energy Flow (1)
    • Regeneration Globes restore 100% more Mana and Basic Abilities recharge 30% faster for the next 10 seconds after collecting a Regeneration Globe.

Comment: This talent has been designed based on the old talent "Arcane Dynamo", to (I'm gonna copy/paste) "rewards Kael’thas players for spacing out their abilities and properly balancing their Mana consumption."

  • Level 4
    • Energy Roil (E)
      • Removed.

  • Nether Wind (E)
    • New functionality:
      • If Gravity Lapse hits 2 Heroes or more, Verdant Spheres cooldown is immediately reset.
      • !Passive: If Gravity Lapse hits a Hero, refund 90 Mana.

  • Mana Tap (Trait)
    • Mana restoration increased from 4% to 5%.

  • Mana Addict (1)
    • Moved from level 1.
    • New functionality:
      • Every time you trigger Wrath of the Sun King, you gain a Regeneration Globe for free, but it doesn’t spread to nearby allies.

Comment: Level 4 talents are all designed to grant Mana Regeneration and give the choice to the player depending their play style.

  • Level 7
    • Burned Fresh (Q)
      • Removed.

  • Flamethrower (Q)
    • Moved from level 20.
    • New functionality:
      • Every time you trigger Wrath of the Sun King, reduces the cooldown of Flamestrike by 2 seconds. This cooldown reduction is increased to 4 seconds if you hit 2 heroes or more with Flamestrike while his radius has not been increased by Verdant Spheres.
      • !Passive: Increase Flamestrike cast range by 20%.

  • Sun King’s Fury (W)
    • New functionality:
      • Wrath of the Sun King’s bonus damage is increased by 50% for Living Bombs that spread, no matter how.
      • !Passive: Increase the cast range of Living Bomb by 20%.

  • New talent: Fire Storm (E)
    • Gravity Lapse applies a Secondary Living Bomb on the first Hero it hits.
    • !Passive: Increase Living Bomb’s damage by 10% for Heroes Slowed, Rooted, or Stunned.

Comment: Flamethrower has been moved from level 20 because it's necessary to have a better range before the level 20, and the problem with the current Flamethrower is that Kael'Thas becomes unreachable, in addition to that, with a Flametrike having +40% range, Kael'Thas is unable to use other Spells due to the lack of range. 20% is the perfect number at range-increasing, as it allows a better positioning without making KT out of reach, and allows him to use other Spells.

Fire Storm has been designed with the same idea of Gravity Zero: Focus a single opponent alone. KT is the mage that punishes enemies close each other, but I'd like to allow players to build around a "One Shot Build", as it's currently possible with the Pyro Blast.

Finally, Sun King's Fury has been changed so that It benefits Wrath of the Sun King's bonus, and combo with Convection at level 1: If you've increased the bonus from 20% to 28% for example, then pick this talent and spread a Bomb, you'll deal 42% increased damage which is a bit stronger than the current 35% and increases depending your skills (don't forget that Living Bomb's damage have been nerfed, which explains why I'm allowing more than 35% increased damage).

  • Level 13
    • Pyromaniac (W)
      • New functionality:

  • Fission Bomb (W)
    • New functionality:
      • Each time Living Bomb deals periodic damage, Arcane Barrier cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.

  • Backdraft (W)
    • New functionality:
      • As long as Heroes are affected by Living Bomb, they are slowed by 15%.
      • If you spread a Living Bomb, it increases the Slow on the primary target to 30%, and applies it to every Heroes affected by the spread.

Comment: The level 13 is now designed like Varian's Banner: Pyromanic to deal more damage (and makes a super strong combo with the new upgrade of the Pyroblast at level 20). Fission Bomb brings Survivability, based on your Barrier and finally, Backdraft grants Control, and makes a good combo with Fire Storm at level 7.

  • Level 16
    • Twin Spheres (Trait)
      • Removed.

  • New talent: Sacred Fire (Q/W)
    • Flamestrike makes Living Bomb explode immediately and spread them to nearby enemy Heroes (If Primary Living Bomb).
    • !Passive: Increases Living Bomb radius explosion by 20%.

  • New talent: Rewind of Flames (1)
    • Activating Arcane Barrier instantly restore 20% of Kael’Thas’s missing Mana and reset Flamestrike, Living Bomb and Verdant Spheres cooldowns.

Comment: The old effect of Fission Bomb have been moved to a level 16 dedicated for Players on W Build, and now links the Flametrike build to it. On the other hand, Rewind of Flames follows the path of the One Shot combo with Pyroblast, but does not allows to stun opponents for 3 seconds (thankfully) and is triggered by activating your Arcane Barrier to force the player to think twice before trading his Survivability for Damage and makes a good combo with Fission Bomb at level 13 to refresh your Cooldown faster. Please, note that Ignite and Fury of the Sunwell are still available.

  • Level 20
    • Rebirth (R1)
      • New functionality:

  • Presence of Mind (R2)
    • New functionality:
      • Upon hitting the main target, Pyroblast triggers a Flamestrike with its radius increased by Verdant Spheres at the feets of the target (talents included).

  • New talent: Fire Flash (Active)
    • Activate to teleport to a nearby location, and instantly trigger a Primary Living Bomb explosion at the destination (talents included).
    • Cooldown: 60 seconds.
    • Range: 3.0 meters (same as Jaina’s Blink).

  • Master of Flames (W)
    • Removed.

  • Sunfire Enchantment (Trait)
    • Moved from level 7.
    • New functionality: Sunfire Enchantment (W)
      • Your next Basic Attack after using Living Bomb is a Living Bomb’s Explosion, dealing 180 Spell Damage (+4% per level) to every enemies nearby. If you use this Basic Attack on an enemy Heroes affected by a Primary Living Bomb, it will explode and spread to every Heroes nearby.
      • !Passive: Increase your Basic Attack range by 30%.

Comment: Rebirth is designed specifically to punish enemies when they're fighting in a corridor for example. Presence of Mind has been designed for the One Shot combo (as a Flamestrike having its Radius increased have actually the same Radius as Pyroblast) for players picking Ignite (which will apply a Living Bomb on the Pyroblast's target) and combined with the new Pyromanic, will deal a lot of damage considering the fact that the target will be low on health.

Fire Flash have been based on Jaina's Blink, as Jaina and KT used to have a Bolt of the Storm a lot time ago. Jaina managed to regain it where KT actually does not. I think it's a pretty good idea to give it back (with a much reduced range) and link it to W Build. Finally, Sunfire Enchantment is now at level 20 and is linked to W Build. It allows to put and spread 2 times in a row with good damage bonus and an increased range to allow this possible.

New Talent Tree

Level 1(!) Gravity ZeroConvection (Trait)Energy Flow (1)
Level 4Nether Wind (E)Mana Tap (Trait)Mana Addict (1)
Level 7Flamethrower (Q)Sun King's Fury (W)Fire Storm (E)
Level 10Phoenix (R1)Pyroblast (R2)
Level 13Pyromaniac (W)Fission Bomb (W/1)Backdraft (W)
Level 16Fury of the Sunwell (Q)Sacred Fire (Q/W)Ignite (W)Rewind of Flames (1)
Level 20Rebirth (R1/W)Presence of Mind (R2/Q)Sunfire Enchantment (W)Fire Flash (Active)

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