Heroes of the Storm

Jainia Rework (For Fun)

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Jainia Rework (For Fun)

Jania is already a pretty good mage, but with a lot of her power suffering into high cooldowns and mana hunger costs, combined that with the new medallion get out of jail free has slightly lowered the popularity of Jainia lately I've seen over more cheaper costing mages who still do equal or more damage or utility to their team.

While I personally still like the hero, I can see a lot of the criticism that a lot of people are sharing. While I dont exactly think she NEEDS a rework in the least, I still thought it would be fun to do some minor shuffling of her abilities and change up some talents to create a bit more power spike with talent synergy that would be fun in my eyes.

First up, Level 1 Talent Frost Reach would be removed and replaced with the following.

Shattering Cold

When Frostbolt impacts a target, it creates a split that can impact two more targets with a 30 degree spread behind the initial target. The Split does 60% of the damage of the initial Frostbolt.

This talent then would then of course obviously synergize a lot better with her level 4 talent Frost Shards, which then would also create an additional Frostbolt split which would work quite well in team fights and even aiding in wave clear. This is to offset a much larger change to her kit coming up.

Blizzard is Switched with Summon Water Elemental.

This is a pretty amusing switch in my eyes, but if you are already heavily invested into the Summon Water Elemental ult over Ring of Frost, this would be a minimal change, and also allow Jainia to have better early game manage management.


The main changes here would be the Water Elemental's HP, and How long it stays summoned as well as possible increase its armor, or other various stats, like slow debuff on attack or other effect to aid Jainia's over all kit.

Blizzard then of course all it's talents added to the base Blizzard, as well as it's base damage buffed and maybe even its attack speed. The cooldown would of course be increased then to around 40 seconds, adjusted from there for better balance.

Ring of Frost, would be reworked into "Frost Nova", turning Jainia into the center of the explosion, and allowing her to root people around her would allow her to have a bit of unique surviviability against the hyper mobile power spike that has been happening in HotS lately. This as well would work over all similar to how Ring of Frost already works, but the ring growing up to Ring of Frost's normal size.

Her level 20 talent for Frost Nova, would then be

Bone Chill

Enemies take 33% more damage while frozen or chilled by Frost Nova.

Blizzard's level 20 then would turn to be

Unrelenting Storm

Increase the duration and damage of Blizzard to deal X amount of Damage for X time. giving her additional zoning time for objectives.

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