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Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore

Welcome back to my Overwatch lore series!
In this thread I will cover lore on Jamison Fawkes a.k.a Junkrat, one of Overwatch’s Damage characters and a Ranged Assassin in Heroes of the Storm.
It’s a perfect day for some mayhem!


edit#gid=426326312 - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore

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Life and history as we know it

A briefing on the history of the Omnic Crisis here.
At the end of the Omnic Crisis, humanity won the war against the omnics. The Australian government decided to make a decision that many of its citizens did not agree with: to gift the omnium, and the land around it – which constituted a large area of the Outback – to the omnics, hoping to establish a long-term peace accord between humans and omnics. This action led to many Australians – survivalists, farmers, people that otherwise just wanted to be left alone – being forced out of their own homes, as the omnics claimed the land they lived on as theirs following the decree of the government.
Enraged over the loss of their own home, the displaced Australians turned to violence. A fighter group named the Australian Liberation Front – of which Roadhog/Mako Rutledge was a member – was formed to fight the omnics and take back the land. Tensions between humans and omnics intensified.
Everything came to a head when the ALF rebels sabotaged the fusion reactor core of the omnium. A massive explosion resulted from the omnium, destroying the facility and irradiated the entire Outback with radiation. The nuclear fallout eventually consumed the land, turning it into an apocalyptic wasteland that twisted its residents into something else… far from their former humanity.
Jamison Fawkes was born twenty-five years ago in the wastelands of the Outback. He was part of a group called the Junkers – Australians still living in the Outback following that fateful day, having scavenged the omnium and the metals littered in the land after the explosion to create a lawless cutthroat society. The lingering radiation from the explosion affected him like many others; Jamison’s touch of madness developed into an obsession with explosive materials, which when combined with his daily life as a Junker reclaiming metal scrap and other items of value from the ruins of the omnium, makes him an extremely talented bombmaker and weaponsmith.
Jamison’s life changed the day he discovered an extremely valuable secret within the ruins of the omnium. He became a target of bounty hunters, gangs and other enemies wherever he went, even though few knew the true nature of said secret. Out of desperation, he made a deal with the Junker enforcer known as Roadhog; Mako gets half of the share in exchange for protecting Jamison’s life.
With his new bodyguard in tow, Jamison took on the name of Junkrat, left the Outback and embarked on a new career as an international criminal. Some of their notable crime sprees included stealing royal artifacts in King’s Row, Britain; destroying shops and trucks in Paris, France; robbing the arcade in Hanamura, Japan; and stealing gold from the Bank of Dorado, Mexico.


Going Legit
Junkrat and Roadhog were hired by the CEO of Hyde Global in Sydney for a job of rescuing his workers, having been taken hostage by omnic terrorists. The job turned out to be the CEO trying to frame the pair for terrorism to commit insurance fraud on the workers, and they ended up hanging the CEO upside down outside his office before blowing it up as revenge.
Read Going Legit here.


Junkrat was seen causing trouble in Luna Park, Australia with Roadhog on Christmas.
Read Reflections here.


Junkertown: The Plan
Junkertown, as its name implies, is where the Junkers society reside in the Outback – reigned over by a Queen. Prior to the events of the short, Junkrat and Roadhog were exiled from Junkertown under orders from the Queen – and Junkrat decided to come up with a plan to get back into his old home… one involving treasures. And explosives.
Watch Junkertown: The Plan




Junkrat’s kit had very little change from Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm, with the majority of functionalities remaining intact between the two games. He is also one of the few heroes in the game that does not use any resources other than cooldowns to govern his abilities.
D: Total Mayhem: Junkrat can use his trait to detonate an armed Concussion Mine, and when he dies multiple live grenades are dropped at his death location, similar to its Overwatch incarnation. His auto attacks also deal splash damage, and he can attack when moving similar to Tracer and Lucio.
Q: Frag Launcher: This is essentially his normal attacks in Overwatch – Junkrat fires grenades from his homemade launcher that bounce off terrain and explode when coming into contact with an enemy, or after some time on the ground. It has a 4 charges clip that replenishes all at once.
W: Concussion Mine: Junkrat throws a mine on the ground that, when activated, knocks all units in its radius away from the location and deals damage to enemies. The closer the unit is to the center of the mine, the farther they will be knocked back. Junkrat can use this ability to travel around the map much like in Overwatch, and the talent Ripper Air at 13 greatly enhances this use. Junkrat is limited to one active mine at a time, unlike the Overwatch version which gives him two mines.
E: Steel Trap: Junkrat throws a bear trap on the ground that takes 2 seconds to arm. The first enemy walking into the trap will take damage and be rooted for 2 seconds. The arming time is the most significant change from its Overwatch incarnation.
R1: RIP-Tire: Taken from Overwatch, Junkrat launches a motorized tire with explosives and becoming immobile as he channels the tire’s movements. When the ability is reactivated, Junkrat detonates the tire to deal damage to enemies and knock them back in a radius. The tire can be destroyed, but unlike the Overwatch version will not detonate if 1) the timer expires; 2) Junkrat is silenced, stunned, slept, or killed while channeling.
R2: Rocket Ride: A new Heroes of the Storm exclusive, Junkrat mounts a rocket and launches himself into the air, becoming immune to all damage. He can steer his path in the air, and after 3.5 seconds crashes the rocket into the designated area, leaving behind grenades from Total Mayhem. After 5 seconds Junkrat respawns – note that this is not an usual respawn, as Rocket Ride “deaths” do not count as a kill or grant experience to the enemy team – at the Hall of Storms, mounted on a rocket that has 150% movement speed and lasts until Junkrat dismounts. This heroic is yet another of Junkrat’s craziness given form, because crashing a rocket straight into the enemy’s face (with bonus grenades) is just that awesome.



Put Some English On It: A popular slang in ball games like baseball, meaning “to give said ball a curve in the air”.
Bonzer Hits: Bonzer is an Australian slang word, meaning “excellent”.
Gotta Trap ‘Em All: Based on the popular Pokémon motto “Gotta catch ‘em all!”.
Sticky Wicket: A slang for “difficult circumstances”.
Ripper Air: Might be a reference to the surfboard of the same name, or a joke on how some airlines are named “<insert word here> Air” (for an example, see a list of the world’s flag carriers.
Chattering Teeth:

. If you take this talent, Steel Trap will act like a chattering teeth while chasing after heroes!
Puckish Scamp: Puckish means “impish, whimsical”, while
scamp means “funny misbehaving child”. Put the two together and you got a definition of Junkrat.



Arthas: ”Is it cold in here, or is it just you?” / “Brr… I felt cold just lookin’ at ya.” Junkrat hails from Australia, which is hot all year around; Arthas, as the Lich King and a Death Knight, commands the power of the Northrend frost.
ETC: ”Anyone want some barbecue? (laughs)” Likely a joke at the fact that ETC is a bull. (beef barbecue, anyone?)
Gazlowe: ”This explodium stuff is right fantastic, mate! Can’t wait to see it in action.” / “Great, thanks for asking! Huge fan of your work, by the way.” Gazlowe and Junkrat shares two obsessions: Explosives and money. The Alterac Pass update even introduced a goblin sapper skin for Junkrat!
Greymane: ”So I have to ask… (snickers) dingo got your baby?” A dingo is a type of feral dog native to Australia. The phrase "dingo got your baby?" is a popular phrase that has origins in Australia about the death of a baby girl and popularized by Meryl Streep's portrayal in A Cry in the Dark (1988).
Doctor Wolf and Stein Greymane: ”Hey, th’s my outfit! I’m the one who steals stuff around here!” / “Speaking of which, you don’t have a monster with you. OH, because you’re the monster! I get it!” A reference to the Doctor Junkenstein skin in Overwatch, which also draws inspiration from Frankenstein. Doctor Junkenstein has Roadhog as his monster, while Greymane’s worgen form is his own monster.
Leoric: ”Heard you’re missing a shinbone. Me too, mate!”
Leoric%27s Shinbone - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore

Leoric’s Shinbone is a crafting ingredient for the key to Whimsyshire. Junkrat is missing one leg (and by extension, a shinbone) due to an explosive accident and now walks with a peg leg.
Overwatch heroes: ”Oh great, it’s the fuzz.”
define - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins LoreThe fuzz
is slang for the police, referring to Overwatch as a global peacekeeping force.
“Any chance Overwatch can get me off some most wanted lists? No? Had to ask!” After Junkrat was exiled from Junkertown, he went on an international crime spree: robberies, arson, murder… Both him and Roadhog ended up on multiple most wanted lists, with bounties as high as 25 million.
Stitches: ”You hook ‘em, I’ll cook em!” / “Why, yes I am! Nice to be appreciated.” Stitches has a hook pull similar to Roadhog, and Mako is not the most vocal about affections… or anything, really.
Tracer: ”Think I could have a look at one of those pulse bombs of yours?” / “Cheers mate, the cavalry’s here!” Junkrat is just as obsessed with Tracer’s pulse bombs here as he was in Overwatch. He also stole her signature line… just because.
Zarya: ”If I had a Ph.D, they’d call me Dr. Boom!” A reference to this card in Hearthstone.
Generic positive: ”Why so serious?” From Batman’s The Joker, and also Junkrat’s elimination line for Reaper in Overwatch.
”What a bunch of misfits and freaks we got here. Oh, I love it!” One of his pre-battle lines in Overwatch.
”Let the games begin!” Coincidentally also Medivh’s lock-in line.
”Junkrat, primed and ready!” Announced when someone in your team swaps to Junkrat in Overwatch.
”I can always count on you, mate!” Used for complimenting an allied Roadhog in Overwatch.
Generic negative: ”Try not to get us killed out there.” Also an interaction with Roadhog in Overwatch.
”Out of my face, ya drongo!” Drongo is a type of bird, and is also an Australian slang for idiot.
”You what mate?” Probably more popular to most internet users as “u wot m8?”


Takedown quotes

ETC: ”Talking cow. Right. Think I’ll off the boba for a bit.” The flask on Junkrat’s hip actually has boba milk tea, also known as bubble tea. Junkrat is acting like his drink was actually alcoholic and thought that he’s drunk because he met a talking cow (he definitely hasn’t met
Winston in canon, then. Also bubble tea is delicious, 6.5/10 would recommend).
Genji: ”Turns out you actually *did** need healing that time. Huh.”* Best summarized with:
i need healing - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore
“Where’s the “I need healing” button?”
nm2859177 - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore–Gaku Space

Generic: ”(spits) Aiming’s overrated.” Used for Concussion Mine kills in Overwatch.
”Now that was beautiful.” / ”Brings a tear to my eye.” / “Hey, where’d ya go?” Also generic takedown quotes in Overwatch.
”I love my job!” Used for RIP-Tire kills in Overwatch.


Poke quotes

”Looks like Junkrat’s blasting off again!” A reference to Team Rocket from Pokémon.
”Look out! It’s a trap! (triggers trap) Told ya!” A reference to Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars. Is also the “under attack” line of the Battlecruiser from StarCraft II.
”Ever notice how every place in the world smells like burnt hair? What? It’s just me then?” To be fair his hair is always on fire…
”Dang! Anyone got a new tire? Mine’s got a RIP in it. (laughs) Oh, I’m precious.” Well, if it isn’t
r/punpolice coming my way… Also an
Pun?from=Main - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore
incredibly lame pun based on his heroic.
”(singing) Where, oh where has my pal Roadhog gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?” A play on the children’s song “
><noscript><img src= - Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes – Character, Abilities, Talents, Interactions and Skins Lore

”. Roadhog is Junkrat’s bodyguard, and he is always seen with Junkrat in canon materials. Not in Heroes of the Storm, though – Stitches will have to do.
”These bombs aren’t cheap, you know. They cost an arm and a leg! (laughs) I’m joking. They only cost me a leg.”

An arm and a leg is a slang for very expensive things. Junkrat also happens to be missing an arm and a leg – literally – due to explosives.
”This is some thirsty work! (clanking noises) Hold on a sec. (chugs) Ahh. Delicious milk tea with boba.” Jeff Kaplan stated that Junkrat’s hip flask contains “milk tea with boba, half sweet”.



Move: ”Too right.” One of his voice lines in Overwatch.
Attack: ”Pop goes the weasel.” Reference to an old English nursery rhyme.
Concussion Mine: ”Baby, I’m a firework!”



Lock-in: ”It’s a perfect day for some mayhem!” This is Junkrat’s quote when he spawns in Overwatch.
Respawn: ”If at first you don’t succeed, blow it up again!” / “Well, that’s a fine how-do-you-do!” / “Hooley dooley.” / “Takes a lickin’, keeps on tickin’!” All of these are his respawn quotes in Overwatch.
Resurrected: ”Oh! I owe you one!” Also his quote in Overwatch when revived by a friendly Mercy.
Taunt: ”Don’t you come the raw prawn with me!” An Australian slang for “don’t try to put one over me.” Also might be a reference to Junkrat’s dislike of shrimp.



Clowning Junkrat: The color scheme of this skin brings to mind The Joker.
Fallen Junkrat: The junkrats are the most scarcely seen of the fallen family of demons. Capricious and suspicious to a fault, they prefer to live amongst the ruined war-machines that litter Pandemonium where they scourge for resources. Basically the Junkers, if they are in Diablo’s Sanctuary as demons instead of Overwatch.
Sapper Junkrat: The mischievous Goblin Sappers are known throughout the Horde for their incredible aptitude for destruction. Despite their short life expectancy, some sappers like Jammi Foxxleson even became goblin engineers. In Warcraft III, goblin sappers are small mercenary units that attack by detonating the barrels of gunpowder they carry, destroying both their enemies and themselves in an explosion. Sapper Junkrat is a case where a sapper lived long enough to be promoted to a goblin engineer in charge of weaponmaking, rather than being suicide bomber units.



Junkrat’s home screen music is a metal remix of the Junkertown theme in Overwatch.


Thank you for reading!

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