Heroes of the Storm

Judgement Paladin Uther (Mage Uther)

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Judgement Paladin Uther (Mage Uther)

I have 160 games on Uther so far and I want to share a fun damage build I use when both teams are made of squishys.

Lvl 1 talent: Silver Touch After reducing damage from any hero source with Devotion's armor 80 times (including auto attacks,) the mana cost of Holy Light is reduced to 40 (from 80) and its range increased by 50%

This is important to take because we will be using our Q ability a lot, and will run out of mana quickly without it. The bonus range is also very nice for poking.

Level 4 talent: Holy Shock Holy Light can now do half its healing amount as damage to any enemy target including buildings. Using it this way also reduces its cooldown to 6 seconds (from 12), refunds 45 mana, and Uther still recieves healing.

Once the quest Silver Touch from your level 1 talent is complete, doing damage with Holy Light will actually GIVE you 5 mana back.

Level 7 talent: Armor of Faith Being stunned, rooted or silenced gives Uther 90 mana and causes Holy Light to recharge 200% fadter for 6 seconds. This effect is on a 20 second cooldown.

Placing yourself in the way of a CC ability will allow you to dish out quick damage, while giving you the mana to do so!

Level 10 ultimate: Either Depending on what your team needs, to either secure kills or escape from bad positions, either ultimate will work with this build.

Level 13 talent: Any This is your "stay alive" talent, and since this is a damage build, what talent you pick will depend on the team compositions.


Level 16 talent: Benediction Activate to reduce the mana cost of your next basic ability by 50 and its cooldown by 10 seconds.

This is where the build really shines. Not only does this allow you to deal burst damage with Holy Light, allowing you to instantly cast it again, but the first cast will actually give you 55 mana, because you are already using -5 mana with Holy Shock.

Level 20 talent: Divine Protection Applying Devotion to a target that already has it applied to them will increase the armor they receive from 25 to 50.

What was once Uther's worst level 20 talent can now play a role in our mage build. After using 2 abilties, or the same ability with Benediction, Uther can grant himself 50 armor for a short time. This is useful for securing kills without taking too much backfire.

This build is very mana efficient and great for poking mages or even bursting tanks. I do not reccomend using this build if your team needs sustain or peeling. There are other great builds that allow Uther to apply Devotion rapidly with Holy Radiance, peel/engage for his team with Hammer of Justice, or deliver burst healing with his Holy Light.

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