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Just played my first game of HOTS coming from League. WOW.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Just played my first game of HOTS coming from League. WOW.

There's so much that has been bothering me about league the past few months. I fu*king love the game, but I'm a family man. It's 15 minutes to get in the game. 10 minutes CSing. If you screw up and die, you're behind for good. It's just so demanding for so little rewards.

I heard about HOTS for the first time yesterday, I never knew blizzard did a MOBA. Spend the day reading about it. No last hitting, ok, good. Shared experience, this should reduce flaming. Everything sounds good. I pop up the game for the first time and it's a really different experience.

The fu*king thing feels good. The client is miles away. I open my first game with bots. It should be fu*king easy, I think. Game says It opened a fu*king voice chat room for us. Do I want to join? No? Am I impressed? Fu*k yes. I'm also impressed by the bots. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty bad, but the bots also seem pretty good. League bots are retarded. They sometimes are AFK. I'm serious.

The teams works together and we pull it off. It feels good, much different than league. By the end of it I think I was playing pretty well, and I think feels very similar to league endgame, without the sorrow of a 30 minute journey to get there. Feels good.

Wait, there's more. There's MVP of the game. Uow. The game says I'm the fu*king best healer ever. I feel good. I close it. Wait, there's more. Here is some lootboxes for ya. I hate lootboxes. But the animation is pretty cool (comparing to league, not any modern videogame) and I get to know cool voice clips from the characters that I wouldnt have paid attention to. I get some sweet as emojis. Is this for real? In league you have to collect emoji shards to make a complete one. I think. Not sure.

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Sorry, I was high.

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