Heroes of the Storm

Kael’Thas rework concept

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Kael'Thas rework concept

Living Bomb:

now deals all of its damage divided equally among three explosions over three seconds and no longer spreads to enemy heroes hit by its explosions. Empowering Living Bomb with Verdant Spheres no longer reduces its cooldown or mana cost, instead causing its cooldown to be reduced by 1 second each time it damages an enemy hero.

  • this makes Living Bomb a more consistant source of aoe damage against experienced opponents and less chaotic to play against for less experienced teams.

Convection: (renamed Ignite)

in addition to usual effects after reaching 20 stacks now also causes Empowered Flamestrikes to fire an auto attack at each hero hit by its explosion damage.

  • this provides more incentive to empower Flamestrike and keeps the talent relevant in the late game with some additional scaling damage as well as synergizing with Sunfire Enchantment at 7, and Flamethrower at 20.

Fel Infusion:

now also causes activating Verdant Spheres to remove slows from Kael'Thas

  • provides further sitiational incentive to select Fel Infusion for its defensive effects.

Sun King's Fury:

heroes that are not the primary target of Living Bomb are marked for 4 seconds when taking damage from Living Bomb. the next time an ally damages them they take an additional 35 damage (+4% per level).

  • allows Living Bomb to achieve more fearsome damage when hitting multiple heroes without multiplying its damage as directly as spreading the spell currently does.



now reduces the damage of Living bomb by 25%, and it's explosions occur every .75 seconds.

  • synergizes with Sun King's Fury while allowing Living Bomb's cooldown to be further reduced without always outweighing the effects of the other two talents in this tier, which are both a bit stronger with Living Bomb's new design.

Ignite (renamed Convection):

now causes Flamestrike to pull enemy targets that take damage from its explosion into its center.

  • reigns in the talent from nearly always outweighing other options at this tier while providing an oppurtunity for team synergy and play-making in team fights.


Now increases Flamstrike's range by 20% and Increases auto-attack range by 1. Auto attacking enemy heroes now reduces the cooldown of Flamestrike by 1 second.

  • makes reducing the cooldown of Flamestrike less hit or miss and synergizes with earlier talents on the tree.

Master of Flames:

gain all of the benefits of every level 13 talent and increase the range of Living Bomb by 15%

  • provides a powerful and consistant capstone for a Living Bomb build that is less chaotic for less experienced teams to play against.

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