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Kerrigan’s new Queen of Blades replacement feels underwhelming and I really would like the old version back.

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Kerrigan's new Queen of Blades replacement feels underwhelming and I really would like the old version back.

So I'm one of the probably only 3 people who ever used the old Queen of Blades talent. While only using it for Quick Match, I found it very fun and performed well with it. I felt that it enabled a fun aggressive playstyle that let you use multiple Qs on a single target, which is different enough from Boundless Fury to merit being an option.

In the last patch I was very excited to see buffs to unpopular talents but then was very sad to see QoB completely reworked into a more PvE oriented talent, completely removing its old playstyle from the game in exchange of a very bland alternative. I'd argue that removing playstyle options is never good, unless it were a very degenerate one which was no the case with old QoB. I've seen people argue that the change was good because it was redundant to have both QoB and BF be about getting more Qs, but that ignores the very different playstyles both gave in practice. BF gives you one bonus Q per target and has great value for mobility and building up shields, while old QoB was about focusing down one specific target with multiple Qs. With Psionic Pulse, it was possible to get up to six bonus Qs on a single target in the right circumstances.

The new version of QoB is clearly meant to give Kerrigan some PvE alternative. However, Kerrigan already has excellent wave clear without much help (even without Fury of the Swarm). Her merc speed is not that hot, but even with the new QoB it doesn't feel significant enough to pass up on better PvP power. Right now Q is bugged to always have the bonus 50% PvE damage, which further discourages from taking QoB right now and instead pushes BF higher for now; however, even if the bug is fixed I find little reason to take QoB as it is. Being able to clear mercs faster as Kerri is nice, but it is not nice to lose on one of your main PvP talents for it. If anything, it might lead to problems where players will flame their Kerrigan player if they see them take QoB more than before because players want Kerri to kill better, not get mercs slightly faster.


Part of the problem, imo, is that Boundless Fury and Fury of the Swarm are too good. You pick both and you get both great PvE and PvP power. A bit of a nerf to both could help bring the other talents ahead. Or they could add PvE component to her other talents at 1 to better compete with Fury; the bonus 50% Q damage for PvE could go well on Siphoning Impact, for example. Alternatively, the old QoB could be brought back and made to also work on mercs so it would get a seemingly needed buff while giving it a solidified role as a strong merc tool. Either way, I just want my favorite talent and playstyle back if that were possible.


I hope for the devs to reconsider the change to QoB and bring back the old playstyle, which was fun for a few even if seemingly undertuned. The new version is just underwhelming and bland, no longer has any synergy with Psionic Pulse, and has seemingly not made a dent in the status of > being dominated by BF (partially due to the current Q bug). There is even an argument to be made about BF being a bit too OP and in need of a nerf, same as Fury of the Swarm, for the sake of talent diversity. Ideally, I'd like to see QoB changed back to its previous version and made to work when damaging mercenaries, too. This would give it a good PvE role to differentiate it from BF.

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