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Kerrigan’s Q bug should become a feature.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Kerrigan's Q bug should become a feature.

For those who don't know yet, Kerrigan's Q lv7 talent > is bugged, granting permanent 50% extra damage to minions and mercenaries since level 1. The 2 second cooldown reduction isn't bugged tho, you have to pick the talent to get its effect.

I've found out this while playing with her and suddenly noticing that my Q's wasn't dealing the damage that was described in my ability's tooltip. Some people here in reddit has already pointed that out too, so it's an known bug which will probably be fixed next patch, but read what I say:

This bug should become a feature imbued onto Kerrigan's basic ability.

You see, I didn't knew that the fact that I was dealing extra damage on my Q on minions was because of my lv7 bugged talent, I thought I've read it wrong, because the damage felt right. I was doing extra damage to minions only, not heroes (later I found out I was doing that extra damage to mercs too, but still) so it felt fair (and fun). I was doing good clearing waves and my damage output wasn't going out wild.

Let me do some pretty rough comparison there with Maiev. I know both Maiev and Kerrigan are different heroes, serving different purposes for different scenarios, but since they're both Melee Assassins and both thrives at picking off enemies, I thought that was a fair comparison.

Here are some minions data, without scaling (straight from
Minion - Kerrigan's Q bug should become a feature.


Melee minion: 990 HP | Ranged minion: 660 HP | Leader (or Wizard) Minion: 495 HP

And here's Maiev's abilities damages (without talents and no scaling):

Q – 152 damage in an arc

W – Auto attack damage (145) to everyone in range

E – 150 damage on the way in and 150 on the way back, 300 total.

Assuming Maiev has hit all her abilities on every minion (which is possible), she'll deal a total of 597 damage, killing the wizard minion, leaving ranged minions with 63hp, and melee minions with 387hp. Sounds like not enough but after 4 seconds, Maiev can Q again to finish off the wave or simply auto attack in trade off some mana and some bits of seconds. These numbers are from untalented and no-scaling Maiev – in actual game scenario, she can clear the wave pretty fast with this combination of abilities. Moving on:


Here are Kerrigan's abilities damages (again, without talents and no scaling):

Q – 130 single target damage

W – 165 small circle damage

E – 25 initial damage, 195 explosion damage after 2.5s, 220 total damage.

Assuming Kerrigan has hit her E explosion on every minion (which again, is possible) and her W on ranged minions, she'll deal a total of 385 damage to ranged and wizard minion and 220 to melee minions. Ranged minions are left with 275 health, which means Kerrigan can't finish these off with one non-bugged Q, she has to auto attack twice (115 AA damage – 230 total) to execute them with Q. Wouldn't be the case as per this patch, because of the "bug" – she'd need to auto once, which makes it way more fluid to play as, more fun overall.

What I'm trying to say is that 50% more minions and mercs damage doesn't hurt her core mechanic, it also makes her more fluid to play, but it really sucks to allocate a talent point just for that – even more when competing against >, which is a huge boost to Kerrigans primary purpose (to assassinate a target).

Going back to the comparison, let's just come to a sense that both heroes serve different purposes, has different niches, different core mechanics, but in the end, they're both melee assassins that's trying to pick off a target from the enemy team, whilst Maiev can successfully clean an entire wave with ease and Kerrigan cannot (I mean, she can, but as per this patch only).

In conclusion, this entire post has no statistical relevance and no in depth analysis, just an honest opinion from someone who plays this game a lot and I honestly think that Kerrigan could have this "bug" added as a feature to buff her gameplay without making her obnoxiously OP.

Thanks a lot for your time for reading all this. I'd love some opinions.

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