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Kharazim: Brainstorming about his less useful talents.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Kharazim: Brainstorming about his less useful talents.

Hi, I’ve been playing a lot of Khara recently, he is also one of my most played heroes. I’m used to the meta build but I also like to adapt to the game and use more niche builds when I feel they can work, which have teached me a lot about its potential and the utility of its talents.

His talent tree is quite versatile and I really like it, but there is still room for improvements of some above average talents. I’ve been thinking about how to improve a few of them and I want to share it:

Air Ally (level 4): Why? The vision it provides is nice and the lower CD plus double charge let you use it for mobility without blowing a strong 45 seconds CD abitilty. But it have a ton of downsides, it's too easy to deny it in combat (1 auto or any AOE that catches it and it’s out of the fight) and it also have a hard time competing with the other 2 allies that offers extra healing (which is sometimes needed when Iron Fist is picked and the other team have plenty of aoe and few AA) or a very powerful AoE AA damage reduction for the whole team.

1: Give the vision more utility in combat:

  • Extra functionality: Air allies can’t be destroyed. Note: Now this will give you a safe point to escape and the needed reliable reveal in combat
  • Extra functionality: When air ally is destroyed all enemy heroes in its radius are revealed for 8 seconds. Note: Again reliable reveal in the middle of a combat.

2: Make it empower Kharazim’s or the team mobility

  • Extra functionality: Air ally cast range increased by 15%, radian dash range is increased by 15% per each air ally active. When radian dashing to an air ally the radian dash charge and mana cost are refunded. Note: This talent would increase the mobility of Kharazim and could be used to position yourself better for deadly reach uses or to better reach allies in danger
  • Extra functionality: Ally heroes in its radius gain 20% movement speed that persists for 2 seconds after leaving the air ally area (or after it’s destroyed). Note: Again an extra utility for the use of the ally in the middle of a combat.

Blazing Fists (level 7): Why? Even if the CDR is nice and synergy well with Fist of fury at 13 or with AS buffs, It have a very hard time competing with radian dash as being mobile is a very important part of Kharazim kit. As this tier would skyrocket his mobility this changes would be oriented to give him a reason to select a less mobile style.

1 His static playstile is more powerful or increase its resilience in the frontline:

  • Extra functionality: Passively increase the base attack speed of Kharazim by 20% (from 2 to 2,4). Note: this would also increase the fist of fury bonus from 4 to 4.8 and would scale with any other attack speed modifier), this wouldn’t synergy with wothf, it could be also a good talent when your team have plenty AS buffs as your increased base attack speed would make it better, the number would need to be tested because 20% could be too much.
  • Extra functionality: Increase the effect of each trait proc by 45%. Note: Same concept than above with less synergy with AS and less extra damage but with some synergy with wothf.
  • Extra functionality: Each trait proc also gives Kharazim 5% extra healing from all sources for 3 seconds, stacking up to 25%. Note: A way to increase its staying power in the frontline, with a nice synergy with transcendence, insight and also with double support comps.

2 Make it a talent for when countered:

  • Extra functionality: Increase Deadly Reach range from extra 100% to extra 150% (from 3 to 3,75 range), if Kharazim stop attacking while Deadly Reach is active its duration is paused, it would pause up to 2 seconds in total per Deadly Reach cast. Note: this would make possible to stutter step better with Deadly Reach and would make the ability less vulnerable to stuns, slows and blinds.

Zeal (level 7): Why? Again the 3 charges are too good to pass them in most situations, this talent does have some uses with Insight build as it increases a lot the speed uptime, but a small buff would help it to compete with the 3 charges and buffed Blazing Fists.

1 Give it more utility

  • Extra functionality: Allies affected by BoH cannot be slowed during the first 2 seconds of the MS buff (it doesn’t cleanse slows, if placed they will work after these 2 seconds). Note: Khara would have access to a hard cleanse at 16 but that’s quite late in the game so this may help him versus slows earlier.
  • Extra functionality: Enemies in the BoH are are blinded by 0.75 seconds. Note: I'm not sure about his one, with an insight build could be too good.
  • Extra functionality: Enemies in the BoH are are pulled towards him. Note: it would count as a knockback/ministun and may interrupt channeled abilities.

2 Buff the effect or increase the healing

  • Extra functionality: Movement speed duration of BoH is also increased by 1,5 seconds.
  • Extra functionality: Each trait proc would increase the movement speed duration by 1 second, up to 3 seconds.
  • Extra functionality: The MS buff is now applied in an AoE 75% bigger (but the AoE of the healing remains the same).
  • Extra functionality: Each trait proc increase the next BoH healing by 5%, stacking up to 15-20%

Dash of light (level 16): Why? The burst healing is nice to have but Echo of heaven offers more AoE healing plus extra self-sustain, something that he really needs to stay longer in the fray.

1 Make it work also in Kharazim

  • Extra Functionality: After radian dashing to an ally, the extra healing also applies to Kharazim.

2 Buff the ability

  • Extra Functionality: Passively increases breath of heaven aoe by 25%. Note: this will give it an extra niche, when the enemy drafted dangerous AoE damage dealers and getting close is risky.
  • Extra Functionality: If no ally beneficed from the extra healing, reduce BoH CD by 2 seconds. Note: This would also empower the ability without having to use radiant dash charges.

Peaceful repose (level 20): Why? This talent does nothing for the ability. If your enemies hold the damage, your target will die in the 5 seconds that palm is in CD. Sure, you could save another ally or yourself 5 seconds later, but the teamfight would be decided by then.

1 Make the talent covers the weaknesses of palm:

  • New Functionality (no longer reduced CD): The cast radius of Palm is doubled and it’s duration is increased by 1 second. Note: Now you can cast it from a safer position (versus some teams diving for a palm could get you killed easily) and also make hard for the enemies to wait for it to expire.
  • New functionality (no longer reduced CD): If the ally doesn’t die the palm still triggers, but its healing is reduced by 60%. Note: Guaranteed healing even if the target doesn’t die, quite handy.

2 Give it a real reason to cast it early

  • Extra Functionality: While palm is active, increase the target’s movement speed, spell power and basic attack damage by 30%. Note: Now you have a nice trade off, you can hold palm to save an ally in distress or you can use it early to buff the offensive power of the ally but making your team vulnerable for the pick off for 5 seconds, it also make the ally more dangerous during these 3 seconds so it’s less ignorable by the enemy team.
  • Extra Functionality: If the target doesn’t die and the CD is set to 5 seconds that ally gets 25% increased movement speed, spell power and basic attack damage during those 5 seconds. Note: Similar concept than above, this favor more using it right before fight and engage to use 2-3 seconds of that buff, if the enemies doesn’t kill him in those he will get a palm a few seconds after. Again high risk, high reward style.

Epiphany (level 20): Why? Even if I love this talent, it’s true that it only synergizes well with the iron fist/wothf build, so maybe changing it for a talent that achieves the same but with with synergies with more builds would be nice.

  • New talent (Inna’s Favor): Get an extra charge of your selected ally (talent level 4). Each time you cast an ally you get a charge of radian dash and 15% of his maximum mana back. Note: This talent would give him double/triple ally, which is great with any build. If you picked earth or spirit, it would increase to 90 seconds the amount of time that you have to wait before having the 2 charges back (from 60 seconds, a 50% increase) but the double spirit and being able to get 1 charge back at a time is a fair trade off. It’s also a buff for the less useful air ally as it have a lower CD and a extra charge baseline so it will give him Q charges and mana back faster.

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