Heroes of the Storm

Last Chance for NGS Season 11 Signups!

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Last Chance for NGS Season 11 Signups!

You have until Sunday at midnight to hop into NGS! If you are not sure why you would want to, well I got a few points on why you should.
First, there are plenty of players better than you that will teach you a thing or two about the game. Second, it's way better than the Blizzard matchmaker.
Third, you can become a legend. Do you know how many times I have heard "oh man we have to ban C2D2's Zeratul" or "There is no way we leave BMed's Gazlowe up"? The answer is a lot. It's your opportunity to strike fear into the general public!

Right now we have 86 teams registered! Here's the list thus far:

200ms Warriors
Almost Legends Gold
Amateur Opponents
Baby Makers
Baby on Board
Bad By Design
Better Than Bots
BFT One Punch Monk
BG: 40 Seconds to Feed
Boogans Forever
Boosted Bonobos
Bull Moose PArty
Bunker Fun Time
Cael'Thas Can't Spell
Caffeinated Knights
Can't Cleanse Salt
Car Crash Sounds
Clouded Minds
CM After Dark
Dead Game Players
death and delay
Deckard's Erudition
Die for Catgirls
Durotan's Couch
Fancy Flightless Fowl
FC Hong Kong
Flint Tropics
House Of Chez
Icecrown Citadel Knights
Icecrown Citadel Queens
Icecrown Citadel Raiders
Liquid Metal
Lurk Patrol
Martyr of Moratorium
Maximum Thrust
Mortal Wombat
Mosley and the Arconauts
Nature's Cure
Nexus Cats
Phoenix Rising Amethyst
Phoenix Rising Citrine
Phoenix Rising Diamond
Phoenix Rising Emerald
Phoenix Rising Onyx
Phoenix Rising Sapphire
Phoenix Rising Topaz
Phoenix Rising Xanthite
Phoenix Rising Zircon
Protectors of Aiur
Puns Upon a Time
Randy Newman
ReGen Divine
ReGen Ghost
ReGen Phoenix
ReGen Rebel
Resurgence of the Storm
Running Wild
sOaK eVeRy LaNe
Spooky Booky Bois
Strange Team Comp
Team Gobby Legs
Team Ionic
Team Rainbow Strike Go!
Team TBD
The Devil's Rejects
The Nine Avatara
The ProBUs Strikes Back
Tricky Gooses
TRSG Knights
Wait Till 10
Waiting On Cherry
WildHeart Omega
Wood League Express
Xul Gin Distillery


If you think your team is registered and should be on this list, either some of your team is still being approved OR you did it wrong! Please contact staff in our discord channel
9SFDWu2Rdj - Last Chance for NGS Season 11 Signups!

You can throw a message at Goliath or ask for help in general chat, I am sure someone will point you in the right direction.

If you want to sign your team up, this video will give you, the captain all the tools you need to do it!
><noscript><img src= - Last Chance for NGS Season 11 Signups!

Just not sure how to use our player profile upload system? We got that covered too,

If you have any other questions, or concerns, please drop in our discord and we should be able to help you.

Now go on! Git!

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