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Latam League, want we need for season 2.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Latam League, want we need for season 2.

Hello, Aulox Here im a tournament organizer for latam in a organization called La Taberna, our goals is mostly to grow the esports community creating a more competitive one by joining players between each other and finding a place where they can practice regularly and win a Prizepool.
We had been doing this for the past 3 years for Heroes of the Storm, one of our member was an HGC Caster that hosted over 100 tournaments for the latam region and with others casters for latam even helped to broadcast the tournament and give good quality broadcast.

The last league we held this year we had over 20 teams joined and the Viewership stayed over 200 people almost constant, being the finals the lowest point with 150 but we were the top 1 Channel being watched of Heroes of the Storm this Saturday.

We had some issues along the way on the tournament like lack of support but we managed to give a good quality broadcast and tournament to the community, even the community managed to get some donations for the Prizepool.

The biggest problem i saw was the lack of Blizzard support to this kind of tournament, the only time Blizzard help us was because mainly the Latam esports team was epic and managed to help us with the tournament either via Social media to get more joins or by giving Skins codes to the tournament. since Blizzard fired 800 people alot of them were from Esports latam so now i don't have who to ask for help in Tournament because i don't know if Esports Latam even exist in Blizzard anymore.

I want to be honest, we want to keep on going Heroes tournaments and we had good help from community members even Brasil casters to have a 2 language broadcast, we have the help of the players sharing the tournaments and motivating people to join but Blizzard the company of the game , the one thats is supuse to help you is not doing anything and we don't ask for much we only need help sharing the streams (we are not even asking the battlenet client help), sharing the tournaments so more people can join, we are not asking for help on a Prizepool, not asking for hgc format just the tool that you have at your disposal as Blizzard and clearly not using.


in this 3 year not once the tournament was share on Hots fanpage, twitter or any media and i thing they do this for major regions on some tournaments, in this 3 year Blizzard never try to help the tournaments (besides the people from Esports latam that as individuals they helped alot) and with all that yesterday we had the biggerst viewership in hots with a league thats does not even have a Prizepool, so again with all that why there is no help for latam with things that does not cost money but a little bit of time or the real answer is we really don't care even if you guys have a big viewership or teams or a good format because we are not gonna help even with things that does not cost us? i don't understand the mentallity behind there decisions actually, not giving the most basics tools for a community to grow and then blame the customers because the game is not doing good.

i don't know to whom to talk on Blizzard for latam in order if they can help us with sharing the tournament for more joins or the stream for people to watch the games, i don't know if they even care about Heroes of the Storm Esports community anymore, one thing is ending HGC but another one is staying that you as a company give 0 Support to esports.

We keep doing tournaments because we love the community but the company is seems they don't like to see their game prosper.

Thanks for reading this and support the Esports community that has helped us provide a good service to the players.

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