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Leoric Ideas: Reworking these Old Bones

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Leoric Ideas: Reworking these Old Bones

Leoric’s talent tree is in a weird spot. He was reworked at a time when developers weren’t as experienced as they are now. This has left him with a few issues.

  • Themed tiers on level 4 and 7 are dull mechanically, with level 4 dominated by waveclear as Kneel, Peasants! has around 80% popularity.
  • Lack of modern design, namely multi-aspect or dual ability talents.
  • Weirdly placed talents, like Hardened Bones on 20.
  • Level 20 with three talents around 5% popularity, aided by the above, but also because Leo’s storm talents don’t feel as empowering as his Heroic upgrades.
  • No ghost stuff. I get that rewarding death is bad, but Undying is a part of Leoric. A storm talent benefitting the Ghost, though not as its chief function, should be fine as exp isn’t really an issue then. Also tossing the idea of side-Ghost bonuses on level 7, but take ‘em with a grain of salt.
  • Couple concerns I won't be touching on here. Skeletal Swing's mechanics may be outdated, and Drain Hope's % damage could be deemphasized to make Leoric a bit less specialized.

Master SL statistics for reference. Now on with the rework! Do add ideas or feedback. Don't focus on balance but on the ideas. For instance, with level 1 and 4 largely buffed, base changes may be needed.

Rework Concept

Tier 1 – Sustain n’ Lanin’

  • Consume Vitality: Added: Increase Skeletal Swing's damage to non-Heroic units by 20%.
  • Fealty Unto Death: Added: Every third Basic Attack instantly kills Minions.
  • Ossein Renewal: Added: Activating now also removes roots and slows. (more crucial timing)

Tier 2 – Skeletal Swing and Basic Attacks

  • Ghastly Reach: Increase the range of Skeletal Swing by 20%. If it hits at least two Heroes, increase Basic Attack range and damage by 20% for 7 seconds.
  • Kneel, Peasants!: Increase the slow of Skeletal Swing by 20%. Basic Attacks extend the slow on affected Heroes by .5 seconds. (Peasants = enemy Heroes! Also 'Kneel' and slows go well together)
  • Mithril Mace: Basic attacks and each Hero hit by Skeletal Swing increase Attack Speed by 5% for 5 seconds, up to 30%. While at 30% Attack Speed, Skeletal Swing deals 20% bonus damage to Heroes.

Tier 3 – Utility… and Maybe Undying Buffs?

  • Hopelessness: Drain Hope no longer slows you and grants 10% movement speed per second, up to 30%. If it completes, retain the speed for 3 seconds. While a ghost, gain 10% movement speed.
  • Royal Focus: Every Hero hit by Skeletal Swing reduces Wraith Walk’s cooldown by 4 seconds and refunds 20 mana. While a Ghost, increase the range of your abilities by 20%.
  • Paralyzing Visage: Upon using Wraith Walk, your Wraith becomes invisible for 1 second. Enemies that come in contact with the Wraith are slowed by 25% for 1 second. While a Ghost, activate Wraith Walk to become invisible for 3 seconds.

Tier 5 – Sustain

  • Hardened Bones: Gain 30 Armor while Drain Hope is active. If it completes, retain the armor for 3 seconds.
  • Ominous Wraith
  • Spectral Leech

Tier 6 – Drain Hope

  • Crushing Hope
  • Funeral Pyre: Damage reduced from 40 to 30. (renamed Burning Despair, why two ‘Despair’ talents?):
  • Willing Vessel: Increase Drain Hope’s range by 35%. If it hits a Hero, another is cast from their location on the nearest enemy Hero. (lost when the first one moves too far)

Tier 7 – Storm!

  • Buried Alive
  • Death March
  • Unyielding Despair: Basic abilities recharge 100% faster while Drain Hope is active. If completed, reduce your Heroic Ability cooldown by 20% and gain 60 mana.
  • Shroud of the Dead King: Activate to become Protected for 3 seconds, preventing all damage. Passive: Increase the healing of Drain Essence by 50%, and your Ghost benefits from all level 7 talents.

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