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Lets Make ‘Hots Esports’ Great Again in 2021! (Suggestion)

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Lets Make 'Hots Esports' Great Again in 2021! (Suggestion)

Hi everybody! I had written a long essay, but there has been some progress since then. What I wrote here are extra interpretations based on that progress. Community Clash League (CCL) in NA and Masters Clash Championship (MCC) in EU have been announced. CCL is about to begin the orientation process. Many high division players have already applied for it, thus my hopes for HotS Esports in 2021 have increased by a lot.

  • My concerns about the BO5 format that I wrote about earlier also applies to community leagues/tournaments. I think that it is a mistake for people to be asked to put 4-5 hours into 2x BO5 series within a single day. ( It takes a long time if you add the break times between games as well. ) . People shouldn't be put to a position where they have to decide whether they want to play HotS or watch HotS. I support that the league matches should be played in BO3 format, but I also support that critically important play-off matches to be played in either BO5 or BO7 format.
  • Other than this, Blizzard should cooperate with the communities that I mentioned above and become a partner to the tournaments that those communities built, and make them official Blizzard partnered tournaments. And besides those tournaments, they should regulate their own Major's. That's what I mean when I say "Minor" and "Major" tournaments. Major tournaments should follow along the path that community funded tournaments made, and the Major tournaments should be big enough to host the teams from all around the globe in an offline event, not bound to just one continent. The prize pool (as I've mentioned below) of the major tournaments should be smaller than the HGC era, but also big enough to make the teams and the attendants satisfied. Blizzard has more than enough resources to make this a reality. The important thing is, they HAVE to want to support the esports scene of HotS, and be determined to end the 2 years of shame and hatred that they've gathered by the HotS community. A HotS ecosystem that is sustainable and nourished by communities for 2021 would make everyone happy including Blizzard. Blizzard should account the incresed interest in HotS within the past few months. Please keep in mind that HotS is a game that is purely competitive, and extremely fun to watch. We want to watch the top players of this game with joy, and we want to see them being honored for this. I'm hoping to hear news that will make everyone really happy during the Blizzcon that'll be arranged online. Below this, is the essay that I prepared earlier. Happy reading! 🙂

Greetings everyone! This one will be a very long post and I hope you can read till the end. If you can achieve to finish please do not forget to upvote. I appreciate it if you also share in different socials as well for others to read.

I’ve been playing HOTS since the Closed Beta and since years I've been following the whole Esports events.

As you may know, HOTS Esports were announced to be shut down 40 days after BlizzCon '18. Many individuals who were related ended up in debt and unable to pay their bills. On the other hand, ten thousands of HOTS Esports audience were deprived of the joy. Community based tournaments were held in 2019. Famous faces like 'Khaldor' streamed broadcasts and met with fans. But still I was not satisfied with HOTS Esports regarding what was expected in 2019 & 2020. However, community based tournaments deserve respect and to be praised.

Personally, I really miss the intercontinental competitions like many many others do and think so. Yet this game deserves really much more. Like reaching out to a huge amount of good players and the audience.

Since it’s a MOBA, a highly competitive game by default with its genetics. Blizzard’s approach is like, “hey mates, you can play a top notch game but make a living with it, meh we don’t think so”. A global giant should not behave like that. I hope they withdraw the corrupted idea and come up with solid things by the start of 2021.

One way or another, they had HOTS Esports shut down and it’s been two years. The past time approves that people really really missed the esports environment, the Asia vs. Europe thingy, the retired sensations and the global competitions. We all missed FNC, Team Liquid, Dignitas, Tempo Storm, GenG and many more. The time to remove the slugs from the ears and give a shot to LISTEN what people are saying for the good of the game has yet to come. Isn’t it?

I want to throw my 2 cents suggestions for what can be done. Instead of the league model of HGC, there can be single session major tournaments in a narrow angle like PUBG and CS:GO. They held 4 or 5 major tournaments in a calendar year. After the elimination legs, people around the globe participate in these tournaments. Every region builds teams according to their power. There is not any salary system but instead the prize pool is rewarded to 24 teams (balanced) who reach at PUBG finals.

Here is an example to prize distribution: >>>
tvyyhe - Lets Make 'Hots Esports' Great Again in 2021! (Suggestion)

tvyyhe - Lets Make 'Hots Esports' Great Again in 2021! (Suggestion)
Screenshot <<<

As you can see, $200K has been distributed amongst 24 teams and even the champions do not get a huge amount. There is a balance. This is what to expect from HOTS. Besides, PUBG implements tournament specialized items and loot boxes to ingame market. Probably more than 50% of the revenue is being distributed or being added to the prize pool. I wonder how much but I assume it is a big amount also.

HOTS can get rid of the disadvantage of what has been done by 2.0. In order to support the Esports players, ingame market may have some special skins, loot boxes with a guaranteed legendary drop. It can be a win-win situation for both parties. In 2021, I want to see HOTS step in the Esports scene apart from the obsolete HGC but instead with a valuable PR alike PUBG system. Since there is an ascending ladder system per prize, the competitiveness will be higher. Prizes depend on the performance so the teams will not feel relaxed. Therefore the new system will be more reliable than HGC and it will be a sustainable revenue share model.

Recently, players participate in tournaments with €3K prize pool. These players are former HGC people or the ones that did not have a chance to play in HGC. It is obvious that the promise doesn’t need to be so big. HOTS, do not need to have a league based system like LoL. The crowd, the community is totally different. LoL vs. HOTS is like teenagers who do not have a working life versus adults who are seeking work/life balance to have time to play. So, there needs to be a different system.

HOTS can reach to the old glorious days of Esports with tournaments having relatively low participation so the prize per team will be much better. Yet the cost will be lower too.

Nowadays, there are many games which means more rivals in the Esports. In HGC times, people had an option either watching the HGC games or playing the game. This was a major mistake. In a league system, it was too optimistic to expect people to watch an insignificant and non-critical game as best of 5. It would take 3 or 4 hours. Instead, the best of 2 or best of 3 games is more logical.

Two structures for tournaments shall be made up: Major & Minor. It can be like community tournaments of Heroes Lounge or HeroesHearth. The administration can be delegated to community organizations. The prize pool will be set relatively shallow. The tournament ecosystem of esports will be alive since the communities are involved. The teams who promote in minor tournaments may have a right to attend to major ones.

Major tournaments may be held in Dreamhack convention or G-Star Seoul or in the US. The location choice depends on the crowded population. These tournaments will have unique names, environment and vibe according to the venue. Major tournaments of CS:GO are quite good examples for that.

Blizzard can bring HOTS Esports to life with less subsidy as I mentioned with the new system and a better presentation compared to 2018. There can be content specialized for Esports. Riot is an excellent example for that. All the servers put efforts all together to grab the attention of people and perpetuate the interest in LoL Esports. They are bonding the connection between players and the audience. Also for HOTS, the Esports players and the audience should come together in events. As per saying “presentation”, there are many elements in the concept. Starting from the images on the waiting screens to music played, there are many factors to keep the interest of the people alive. Those were skipped during the HGC times.

The prestigious teams should be encouraged to form up again for HOTS. Such teams like TSM, Liquid or Navi appear on PUBG or other games. They may have teams for HOTS too.

Having less teams and players was another disadvantage of the HGC. However, with the system I proposed, there will be much more teams to line for eliminations around the globe. By the mentioned system, even the teams of the MENA region can participate in the tournaments. The competition should be distributed amongst whole regions of the world although there might be a minimal presence.

Blizzard should leave the idea of “all or nothing” and needs to have a new structure. Game development and Esports can move together side by side. HOTS Esports can be maintained with less cost less rewards but with the support of the crowd who plays the game for fun. Please give us good news for 2021. 2019 was a missing year yet 2020 had the Covid-19. Let there 2021 be the re-debut year. Let’s see the best players in the best teams again. We wish they could make a living out of it.

Recently Blizzard had a prestige drop but still one of the strongest companies with a huge fanbase. I’m sure HOTS Esports will find regional and global sponsors as per wanted. That’s also a resource tool for Esports, yet this is also a movement point. Repeating, please give people what they want for 2021 and everybody wants to see the Esports scene back again. Refresh the liability and trust, show us Blizzard is a company that cares what its players are keen to.

Thank you for reading. I wanted to script out the things which are in my head since years. The context is a bit sloppy, sorry about that. Your comments and upvotes are appreciated.

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