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Lets talk about Malthael

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Lets talk about Malthael

Hello, QM Casual scrub of 650 levels here.

Ever since Malthael was included into HotS, i have always loved to play as him. In the beginning, he was strong. Very strong. So the devs reworked him a little, nothing wrong with that. But nowadays when i play him, he just feels… bad.. especially at his supposed role of "tank killer" unless you play really specific builds that sometimes wont even work. Basically, if you need a tank killer, just pick Tychus because he does what Malthael does, but better. I feel that this is mainly due to 3 reasons, which are Survivability, Movement and Damage.


Malthael has a decently sized healthpool, but his only source of self-healing with Soul Rip is limited and weak. Sure, if you can mark the whole enemy team you might be able to burst 500-700 health per use, but that mark only lasts 4 seconds unless you pick certain talens, which means you usually get 1-2 Soul Rips in before the mark ends. Yes, Malthael has a cleave and his death shroud to reapply the mark, but the cleave has a stupidly short range and Death Shroud is easier to dodge than a car driving in 2 mph. This means in teamfights, where he usually NEEDS to be to deal damage, he loses health quickly and has a very hard time to recover.

My solution to fix this is to either change the mark requirement on soul rip or to perhaps give his mark itself a small leech on about 15-20% of the DAMAGE dealt by the mark and turning Soul Rip into a pure damage move. Perhaps bake in the slow into it, idk, but as it stands, Malthael has pathetic survivability, which leads me into my next point.


Malthael, as most of us know, has one major tool for INITIATIVE movement in the form of Wraith Strike. If he can keep his mark on his foe, his chasing game is nearly unmatched, especially with the soul-rip slow talent. But once he dives into the enemy team, he has ONE thing that can barely save him in the form of his level 1 talent Fear the Reaper. Thats it. And as i mentioned, his survivability isnt that good.

To fix this, i would suggest either being able to use Wraith Strike on your allies as long as you have an enemy marked, or to give it a blinkback mechanic with the same restriction, which only lasts 2 seconds or so and a stun/root cancels out completely. This allows Malthael to get a more hit and run playstyle to harrass his foes and be able to not instantly die unless the enemy team can punish with CC.


-Damage and the Ults of Malthael-

To be frank, i consider Malthaels overall dps to be PITIFUL at the moment. I know he is a peeler but come on. Without the right talents, his dps is wimpy and weak, and WITH the right talents, his damage doesnt pick up untill late game. And then we come to his ults… What would you choose? Effectively reducing ANY enemy hero healthbar by 1/3, or to do what your basic attacks and death shroud does by default for 4 seconds. Tormented Souls, as it is at the moment, is a nearly useless ult, unless you're doing a mark build which isnt even that good unless the enemy has 4 tanks. At the moment, Malthael basically cannot even commit to his namesake of being the Angel of Death, because his abilities do not cause enough death, ironically.

To fix this, first of all, just revert the mark nerf from 1.75% max hp/sec to 2% flat. Turn Malthael back into a melee assassin who is designed to punish tanks. Perhaps implement the Leech mechanic that was mentioned in Survivability and turn Soul Rip into a spell that deals more damage than 200+ at later levels. Maybe make Soul Rip do more damage the longer the enemy has been consecutively marked, like +20% more damage per 2 seconds marked, which resets when the the mark duration ends. Second, just make his Tormented Souls do damage or some CC, just add something to make it worth picking over Last Rites.


This has been a long rant, but i had to say my opinion so i can hear some feedback from the pro community perhaps. Maybe more people feel like i do, maybe this will be downvoted into oblivion because im a dummy dumdum, i dont know? All i know is that i love Malthael, both as a character in lore and in game, but it pains me to see him this weak. Make the Angel of Death into what he is supposed to be.

Make it so that no one can stop Death. Let the Reaper reap!

Anyways, that is all, keep on fighting, all of you Heroes of the Storm! ^

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