Heroes of the Storm

Let’s talk Estimated Wait Times.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Let's talk Estimated Wait Times.

For me, the estimated wait time the game provides is never even close to accurate. I think I could pull a number out of a hat and it would be more accurate. It's not uncommon for estimated wait time to be 70s and actual wait time be over 400s.

Why is this important? Well, it makes the wait feel worse than if the estimated wait time was more accurate. I live in Japan, and customer service here will always OVER estimate times. If there's a 90% chance your package will arrive on Tuesday, they tell you it will arrive by Friday. Because it coming sooner than expected feels good, and coming later than expected feels terrible.


If I'm going to wait 10 minutes, I'd like to be told that as my estimated time. If I don't have time for 10 minute queue + game I won't try. If I do have time, I'll not feel like I have to be very focused on it.

By the way, I wrote this entire post and made the poll during a 71s estimated wait time 🙂

Strawpoll! To see if my experience is felt by others.

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