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HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Let's talk stukov

So stukov is probably one of my favorite characters. Something so satisfying about playing a healer that can chunk someone for 500+ damage with auto attacks. I've played maybe 200 games with him and wanted to share my talent build and ask for advice/different points of view.

level 1-reactive ballistospores. It would be really hard for anyone to convince me of anything else. Since biokill switch has a 15 second cooldown. Being able to big heal everyone then let yourself hit 50% to get another big heal just seems super strong compared to the other choices. It also is an antidive tool since it puts your slow on everyone in an AOE around you. Usually the big burst heal+me being able to get away since the enemy is slowed to a crawl wins team fights.

level 4-vigorous reuptake i take this one 90% of the time. If they have a super heavy physical team ill take the armor talent instead. heroes profile has one good spread as the most picked talent but I've never really messed with it. Is the CD reduction really the main reason to take it? the mana seems whatever since I don't really have mana problems on stu.

level 7-I'm torn here. weighed pitch is good to slow people at a safer range (but doesnt feel as good without the quest from level 1 lowering the CD overall). growing infestation is the one i usually take the most just for the growing silence area. targeted excision seems really strong too allowing you to reset biokill switch to 5 seconds. But it seems to not play nice with the level 1 talent I take. Since even If i only hit 1 target with my W I usually have more marks on people from my ballistospores.

level 10-usually flailing swipe. Sometimes massive shove but I seem to have a better winrate with flailing swipe so Ive just been taking that a majority of the time. Its kind of meh at level 10 but the level 20 talent makes it super strong with giving you 3 charges of get people away from your healer.


level 13-again im torn here. Ive tried all of them and I don't really notice a difference or "power spike" from any of the choices so I dont know what to take. Poppin seems the worst. The root seems great but its downside is it eats up my biokill switch (which is on a 15 second CD…) So I have to already have heals up, and need to pop them, and also have my W on someone, and also have them in my lurking arm, and also have biokill switch up. It just feels too perfect storm for me that I dont really take it. Lingering spines seems nice, but it doesn't play nice with growing infestation (you don't get the 1.5 extra seconds if you let it run its full duration). Lately ive been taking it hungers for the increased range and the sometimes resets. But again, at 13 I never really notice a power spike at all.

level 17-I usually take Pox. But if they have a super stun heavy team Ill take superstrain. Not a fan of universal carrier.

level 20-I'm torn again, if I get flailing swipe then of course I get the upgrade. But if i take massive shove the upgrade to it doesn't seem too amazing. Usually I take top off if i get massive shove.

overall stukov is a fun support. He lacks a cleanse so I don't like to draft him early. But he can match healing numbers with the best of them. Hes also great at helping to take camps and has a lot of tools for if someone jumps on him (one of which includes smacking them in the face). He can match most solo laners when my team is lazy and dont want to soak. (ive surprised killed a few people who jump on me not expecting me to be able to get two big heals off).

What do you guys like to build and why? Am I missing anything stupid? Thanks for coming to my stukov talk.

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