Heroes of the Storm

Let’s work together and stay positive.

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Let's work together and stay positive.

I start almost every game of Heroes with "gl hf," followed by "Let's work together and stay positive."

When I post those two messages at the start of the game, most of the time no one responds, which is totally fine. Sometimes there will be a "gl hf" from some other team members. About once every 10 games, someone responds with something sarcastic, which is alright. About once every 15 games, someone actually takes me seriously, and win or lose, I have a fun game with some very pleasant teammates.

My question is this: why do some players decide to be rude and disrespectful to their team? This isn't the enemy with the perfect comp to counter your entire team. This isn't the 15‐kill-0-death assassin that's making your life difficult. These are the 4 other random humans that, by chance and whatever strange witchcraft powers the matchmaker, have been selected for you to work with for 15 to 30 minutes. These are the people you are playing a team-focused game with to enjoy yourself. So I ask: why are you being rude to your team?

As a player, I'm ok. Not the worst, but I know I have plenty of room to improve my gameplay. If I screw up, I genuinely appreciate when a member of my team let's me know something I could have done better so that I can learn from my mistake. The problem is when people are impolite and disrespectful. When you flame one of your teammates for whatever reason, they aren't going to play better. Best case scenario, they ignore you, but it's actually more likely for them to start playing worse, either because they're distracted by what you're saying, or just to spite you. Most of the time, the outcome will not be in your favor.


I get it, it's frustrating when your teammates play badly. It's frustrating when no one responds to your pings. It's frustrating when people don't group on objectives. It is frustrating when you know exactly what the team needs to do to win the game, and they just won't do it. That's part of the nature of team games. It's tough to coordinate 5 random people who can only communicate through chat and pings, especially since they all have a different plan of how to win. I don't have a solution for that.

I'm asking you to be a more positive player. When your team does well, give them a "gj" or "nj." When your team does poorly, take your death time to discuss how you can work together better next time. When someone is rude in chat, ignore them, or better yet, be polite back to them. I know, it's the internet, it's anonymous, you can speak your mind without consequences. I'm asking you to choose to be better. I'm asking you to choose to be kind. Those other 4 people on your team are here to have a good time just like you are. We're all here to relax and have fun. We all want to do well. We all want to win. We all want a great team.

So make it a great team. You can do that. All it takes are a few kind words. All it takes is one complement. Please help make this community more positive. I love this game, and you probably do too. So be kind to someone in your next game, and make things just a little better.

TLDL: Let's work together and stay positive.

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