Heroes of the Storm

Level 176 Chromie main, early feedback about the rework (I love it!)

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Level 176 Chromie main, early feedback about the rework (I love it!)

I'll not be talking about numbers, because I think she is insanely OP right now, but I really like the direction Blizzard took, design-wise.

Dragon Breath

The invisible Dragon Breath is back, which means the "prediction" lore was restored. Yet, its much longer cooldown and highly decreased damage means it will be much less "frustrating" to play against, the 100-to-0-out-of-the-fog burst is gone for good. To get value from Dragon Breath, you now must consistently out-predict your opponent's moves in order to output a lot of sustained PvE damage, which is also the point of the vectorial targeting. This is all good. I'd make one change, though: either make it hit twice, or just give it 3 charges. The reason is, the third vectorial hit doesn't reward your predictive skills, it just makes the spell busted when the enemy only has one pathing option. Also, it is too similar to Gul'Dan's.

Sand Blast

Sand Blast's slower travel, faster cast time and > increase Chromie's effective range slightly, while simultaneously increasing her skill cap. This is great. Baseline Sand Echo makes her less dependent on a mandatory, somewhat pointless quest, which is good. Hitting minions is a huge PvP nerf, but it brings an insane PvE potential that is, IMO, worth it. The Bronze Talons rework is brilliant. First, staying near a Sand Echo is, from baseline, a decent protection against highly mobile heroes, like it was meant to be. Second, if you love Bronze Talons, you can still get insane short-range DPS if you land your Sand Blasts. Third, it isn't baseline so, if you don't like it, you don't feel forced to play a long-range mage at short range anymore.


Time Trap

Making Time Trap an active skill that hits your allies was another clever move. Overall, it is a huge nerf for most Chromie players, shifting her power to other skills, which is good, because Time Trap was one of her most complained issues. Yet, if you are really, really skilled, you can still do sick plays, except now from level 2. This enables a whole new build and play-style for the Time Trap wizards around there. I think that change is very clever and will be good for everyone.


Finally, her PvE was insanely, and I really mean it, insanely buffed. That's why I think she is busted. As far as I can tell, she can now almost siege like a Hammer, except being able to run around. Her PvP wasn't nerfed enough to compensate that, IMO. I predict that can be a problem until she is tuned down. Temporal Loop also looks insane, you can land 4 Sand Blasts and 2 Dragon Breaths in 3 seconds. And wtf is Blessing of the Bronze, get rid of it before it is too late. I think she will probably be nerfed, but, who knows, perhaps she ends up with a 40% winrate and I'll eat my words…


In short, I think Blizzard found clever ways to greatly reduce the frustration dealing with Chromie, while also re-enabling her most fun builds and play-styles. The old Chromie was deleted and we got a brand new hero, but one that looks honestly fun to me. Her power was shifted to more healthy aspects like PvE, her toxic invisible burst is gone, Time Trap is much less oppressive except in the hands of an awareness god. The hero finally feels well-rounded and purposeful.

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