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Li Li Needs Work. Blinding Wind Aoe? Junkrtatized Brew? Stances?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Li Li Needs Work. Blinding Wind Aoe? Junkrtatized Brew? Stances?

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Problem Child

Li Li has THE lowest healer winrate
?timeframe type=major&timeframe=2.52,2.51,2 - Li Li Needs Work. Blinding Wind Aoe? Junkrtatized Brew? Stances?

on Master SL, and 2nd lowest popularity. Far better on
Bronze-Gold. Every hero demands skill, but her simplicity makes these statistics more accurate. Plus, Li Li counters autoattackers, which would presumably make her a powerful niche pick. Nope!

Then, Li Li places 9th if ordered by the last time she was patched. Worse yet, she's been largely untouched in those patches. She's likely to get a rework before the end of the year, or early 2021.

Her last rework was over 2 years ago. Skill-wise, it did reduce Q range and make her trait less of an escape tool. But it's not enough. The rework even reduced her waveclear and PvE potential further, which is odd for such a free spirit, an adventurer.

Meanwhile, her talents don't enrich her gameplay enough. There's nice touches, like positioning for a big Mass Vortex, poking to recharge Mistweaver, her version of Cleanse. But nothing too interesting. Level 16 is the worst offender. At a glance, not bad. Two for One has a drawback and Yu'lon gets the most value if your team doesn't put squishies in trouble. But nothing really affects gameplay.

The Plan

The aim is to a) honor the position focus of her gameplay, b) making positioning and timing more crucial whilst reducing spam, c) make her more demanding and engaging to use, which will also d) allow her to be buffed without making her Queen of the Bronze.

  • Double the cd and charges of Healing Brew, return both at once. Less spam!
  • Use Cloud Serpent to slightly reduce 1v1 potential without hurting teamfighting.
  • Add waveclear to Blinding Wind, which already has a flashy cane swing animation.
  • Add a toggled option in her trait to switch between a ranged and melee stance.

Healing Brew

  • Heal the lowest Health ally (prioritizing Heroes) within 6 range for 175. Holds 2 charges that replenish at the same time. 8 second cooldown.

Cloud Serpent (This can be very different)

  • Summon a Cloud Serpent on an allied Hero that attacks the nearest enemy for 20 per second, preferring Heroes. Attacks chain to a nearby enemy and heal the bearer for 10, plus another 10 per Hero hit. Lasts 6 seconds (-2 duration, +1 sec cd)

Blinding Wind

  • Swing your cane, dealing 60 damage around you and throwing 2 gusts at the nearest enemies, preferring Heroes. Gusts deal 120 damage and Blind for 1.5 seconds, causing Basic Attacks to miss.

Kung Fu Hustle

  • Dealing or receiving damage grants 10% move speed and causes Basic Abilities to recharge 50% faster. Lasts for 2 seconds. Activate to switch stances. 10 second cooldown
  • Wise Serpent: Use a ranged attack that deals 60 damage. Increase Basic Ability range by 1 (reduced by 1 baseline).
  • Fierce Tiger: Use a melee attack that cleaves for 40 damage, doubled vs Heroes. Increase the move speed and recharge bonuses of Kung Fu Hustle by 50%.

Li Li isn't a monk, but still. These can be renamed to be more playful, like, 'slippery serpent', dunno!

Also have this weird permanent Cloud Serpent idea. It could attack as long as its bearer does, and return to Li Li if she moves too far from a Hero she gave it to. But ignore this for now.

Misc Talent Ideas

  • A Regen Globe talent would fit the adventuring lass gathering ingredients for her brews.
  • Spicy Brews giving burning aura or causing the next Basic Attack /to launch a fireball.
  • Adding knockback to the cane swing and brief Stealth when casting.
  • Brews healing more on Serpent/consecutive targets. Rewards picking your target well.
  • The Sturdy Ox stance could be a base to rename Shake it Off.

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