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HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Li Li Rework

Well, Li Li. A lot has been said about her recently, and personally I think she's ripe for a rework, or even a major redesign, and here in this post is my approach.

Li Li is a difficult character to balance. I knew – the moment I was out of Bronze tier garbage (even if you could reasonably argue that I am still a garbage player at Gold/Platinum level)- that the character had some big design flaws, and she was actually the first character I attempted to rework, but I return to that later.

First, I just want to talk about her winrates. Her winrates in high ranks are
?timeframe type=minor&timeframe=2.53.0 - Li Li Rework

absolutely atrocious, and her pick- and banrate is very low too. You thought Genji was performing poorly? Not compared to Li Li, whose winrate is steadily declining and now sits at 41%.

In mid- and low ranks her winrate is
average and she has a decent pickrate, but… for a character that is supposedly easy, that is still far from a healthy state to be in.

Now, about her strengths… Li Li's biggest strength is that she is an amazing duelist. She has the damage, she has the sustain, and all of her abilities are easy to hit… and nothing else. Well, not quite. She has Let's Go, which is arguably the best Cleanse in the game.

Her weaknesses… well… everything else. Her Q healing is grossly undertuned (at least 30-50% undertuned when compared to Deckard Cain, who isn't known for raw healing output either, and both have a trait that reduces cooldowns (except Deckard's is significantly easier and safer to trigger)) outside of her Jugs which she only gets at level 10 and is easily interrupted, no crowd control other than blinds and Water Dragon, not survivable enough to truly take advantage of her trait, and she has no waveclear or macro potential either outside of a Water Dragon that just happens to crash down on a hero in the middle of a minion wave.

This creates a problem, as increasing the healing of her Q will also make her a better duelist. Increase her survivability will also make her a better duelist. Increase her damage will also make her a better duelist. Increase her waveclear will also make her a better duelist.

Oh, and making some of her abilities skillshots either does not work as that would actively go against her design philosophy, and you have to factor in she is currently roughly 20-30% undertuned overall. More in the healing aspect, yes, but her health pool (if too low to synergize with her trait) and damage are perfectly fine for a healer.

Needless to say, this poses a major issue when balancing Li Li, and there is simply no easy way out. I've seen a lot of Li Li reworks over time that aim to put her in a better place, but most of them would also make Li Li an even more obnoxious sololaner to face.

Yes, my own old Li Li rework was no exception. Some of the changes from the old rework have been kept, but many new changes were added (and some of the old changes removed) because ultimately my old Li Li rework did little to deal with her actual problems. Not to mention that I made her an even more obnoxious duelist to lane against. Fail… oh well.

As such, and with that experience in mind (as well as being much more experienced when playing this game, of course), I decided to be 'slightly' more radical – turning Li Li into a vicious auto-attacker with access to healing, holding the middle between Kharazim and Raynor, or maybe even Zarya. She would still be a scary duelist, but that is still where I would aim to weaken her with this rework, with even less single-target healing, enabling me to buff her in practically every other aspect.

Li Li Rework details:

Li Li is reclassified as a Support.

Basic Attack increased from 60 to 96.

Attack Speed reduced from 1.25 attacks per second to 0.95 attacks per second.

Basic Attack range increased from 5.5 to 6.5.

Fast Feet (D):

New functionality: Li Li's base Movement Speed is permanently increased by 5%. Activate to gain 30% Move Speed for a duration of 3 seconds. Basic Abilities, Let's Go and Healing Brew refresh 75% faster during this time. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Additional functionality: Quest: Gather Regeneration Globes to increase the healing provided by Let's Go by 2.

Reward: After gathering 20 Regeneration Globes, increase the Slow percentage of Blinding Wind by 10%.

Reward: After gathering 40 Regeneration Globe, activating Fast Feet grants Li Li 30 Armor for its duration.

Mistweaver (Q):

Activate to heal nearby allied Heroes for 163 Health (radius: 8). Basic Attacks and Cloud Serpent attacks reduce the cooldown of Mistweaver by 0.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 13 seconds.

Mana Cost: 40

Wind Serpent (W): Unchanged.

Blinding Wind (E):

Additional functionality: While throwing out the winds, Li Li deals 174 damage (+4% per level) in a 140 degree cone in front of her (radius: 4).

Additional functionality: Blinding Wind projectiles now Slow damaged enemies by 20% for 1.5 seconds.

Jug of a Thousand Cups (R1):

Adjusted functionality: Healing reduced from 66 to 50. Every cup now adds a 10 health (+4% per level) Shield that lasts until 3 seconds after Jug of a Thousand Cups has expired.

Water Dragon (R2):

Adjusted functionality: Can now be toggled on for the next Water Dragon to manually target an area. If you do so, the cooldown of Water Dragon is reduced by 2 seconds for every enemy hit.

Let's Go (1):

Activate to heal an allied Hero for 140 and make them Unstoppable for 1 second. Let's Go's cooldown is affected by Fast Feet. Let's Go cannot target Li Li.

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Mana Cost: 20



Level 1: Utility Tier

New Talent: Healing Mist:

New functionality: Mistweaver now heals for an additional 42 health (+4% per level) over a duration of 3 seconds. This amount is increased by 100% if they are bearing a Cloud Serpent.

Wind Serpent:

Clarification: It is made clear this Blinding Wind is talented.

Eager Adventurer:

New functionality: Increase the duration of Fast Feet by 1 second. While Fast Feet is active, Li Li's mana regeneration is increased by 150%.

Passive: Li Li's Basic Attacks deal 50% more damage to Minions, Mercenaries and Monsters.

Level 4: Choose your Healing Brew

Serpent Sidekick: Removed

Safety Sprint: Removed

The Good Stuff:

New Functionality: Heal the target allied Hero for 365 health (+4% per level).

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Two For One: Moved from level 16

New Functionality: Heal two nearby allies (prioritizing Heroes with the lowest health) for 250 health (+4% per level).

Cooldown: 25 seconds.

New Talent: Spicy Brew:

Heal the target allied Hero for 90 health (+4% per level), which is increased by 100% if the target is bearing a Cloud Serpent. Heal the target for an additional 120 health (+4% per level) over a duration of 8 seconds. Throughout this time, their Attack Speed is increased by 20%.

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Level 7: Versatility Tier

Let's Go: Removed

Lightning Serpent:

Additional functionality: Cloud Serpent's duration is increased by 0.6 seconds every time it attacks an Hero.

New Talent: Fierce Tiger:

Li Li's Basic Attack Range is increased by 1.

Quest: Each Basic Attack and Cloud Serpent attack against a Hero increases Li Li's Attack Damage by 0.1%.

Reward: After reaching 10% bonus damage, Li Li's Basic Attacks deal 90% more damage against Blinded enemies.

New Talent: Pro Toss: Increase the cast range of Let's Go and Healing Brew by 50%. Healing Brew and Let's Go increase the target's Movement by 20% for 3 seconds.

Level 13: Second Utility Tier

Gale Force: Removed

Hindering Wind: Removed

Surging Winds: Moved from Level 4.

Adjusted functionality: Reduce the cooldown of Blinding Wind by 3 seconds. Hitting at least 2 enemy Heroes with Blinding Wind increases Li Li's Spell Power by 10% for 10 seconds.

Mass Vortex: Unchanged

New Talent: Kung Fu Hustle

If Healing Brew heals an ally bearing a Cloud Serpent, they regenerate 9% of their maximum mana pool over 3 seconds.

Passive: Li Li's Basic Attacks deal bonus damage to enemy Heroes equal to 1.25% of their maximum health.

Passive: While Fast Feet is active, Li Li's cooldowns refresh an additional 75% faster.

Level 16: Healing Tier

Free Drinks: Moved from level 1

New Functionality: Healing allied Heroes that are bearing a Cloud Serpent with Healing Brew reduces the cooldown of Healing Brew and Let's Go by 8 seconds and Mistweaver by 4 seconds.

Pick Me Up:

New functionality: Mistweaver now heals allies that have less than 50% health for an additional 60%.

Blessings of Yu'lon:

Cloud Serpent attacks healing reduced from 1% to 0.75%.

Additional functionality: Cloud Serpent attacks now deal bonus damage to enemy Heroes equal to 0.75% of their maximum health.

Additional functionality: If Let's Go heals an ally bearing a Cloud Serpent, they are granted 50 Spell Armor for 2 seconds and healed for an additional 5% of their maximum health.

Level 20: The Capstone

Mistweaver: Removed

Jug of 1.000.000 Cups: Unchanged

Double Dragon:

Clarification: The second dragon will always automatically target an enemy Hero (if one is in range) even if manual targeting is enabled.

New Talent: Shielding Mist

Mistweaver now grants Shields to allied Heroes equal to 5% of their maximum Health that last for 3 seconds.

Passive: Mistweaver gains a second charge. Cooldown between charges is 3 seconds and cannot be reduced.

Shake it Off:

New functionality: Activating Fast Feet now removes damage over time effects from Li Li and grants 60 Spell Armor for its duration. This Armor stacks with Li Li's baseline quest reward.

Yes, I went full Tassadar on Li Li. But I think nothing less will do to put her in a healthy place within the game, so here we are. Do you agree with the changes I would make? Do you think I went too far, or would you take it even further? Or would you take Li Li in an entirely different direction for another crazy adventure?

I really enjoyed writing this up, and I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much. I look forwards to seeing your comments!

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