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List of Alexstrasza bugs and probable errors

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - List of Alexstrasza bugs and probable errors

I'm a bit conflicted because some of these bugs I don't want fixed, but I feel like this will cause her to get nerfed eventually as some of these bugs can inflate her power and by extension win rate.

Dragonqueen Unit's base HP is 89 higher than Alexstrasza's Unit

This ends up becoming around 613 additional health when transforming to Dragonqueen, not 520. Level 1 transform from 1766 to 2379 HP.

The issue is rooted in her HeroAlexstraszaDragon Unit LifeStart/LifeMax block.block

<LifeStart value="1787" /> <LifeMax value="1787" /> <LifeRegenRate value="3.7226" /> 

versus her HeroAlexstrasza Unit LifeStart/Max

<LifeStart value="1698" /> <LifeMax value="1698" /> <LifeRegenRate value="3.539" /> 

Cleansing Flame's cooldown is 90 seconds while in Dragonqueen, but 100 seconds outside of it.

When Cleansing Flame's cooldown was increased to 100 seconds, they did not increase the cooldown for her Dragonqueen variant, which has no cast time since she's already in dragon form.

Issue is rooted in her AlexstraszaCleansingFlameDragonqueen AbilEffectTarget Cost block

 <Cooldown Link="Abil/AlexstraszaCleansingFlame" TimeUse="90" /> 

versus her AlexstraszaCleansingFlame AbilEffectTarget Cost block

 <Cooldown TimeUse="100" /> 

When using Cleansing Flame in Dragonqueen form, her health is increased by an additional 500 HP.

If you use Cleansing Flame while in Dragonqueen form regardless of having the level 20 talent will grant you the 500 LifeMax bonus upon landing.

The issue is rooted in her EffectSwitch AlexstraszaDragonqueenApplyDragonBehaviorSwitch

<CEffectSwitch id="AlexstraszaDragonqueenApplyDragonBehaviorSwitch"> <CaseArray Validator="AlexstraszaCleansingFlameHasCasterBehavior" Effect="AlexstraszaOnRubyWingsCleansingFlameApplyDragonBehavior" /> <CaseDefault value="AlexstraszaDragonqueenApplyDragonBehavior" /> </CEffectSwitch> 

It might not be immediately obvious, but it re-applies the AlexstraszaDragonqueen Behavior

<CEffectApplyBehavior id="AlexstraszaDragonqueenApplyDragonBehavior"> <WhichUnit Value="Caster" /> <Behavior value="AlexstraszaDragonqueen" /> </CEffectApplyBehavior> 

Which is programmed to apply the health bonus.

Life Unbound heals for 14.84% (??????)

Why is this a weird fraction?

<CEffectCreateHealer id="AlexstraszaLifeUnboundCreateHealer" parent="StormHealingSpellPercent"> <RechargeVitalFraction value="0.1484" /> <SourceButtonFace value="AlexstraszaLifeUnbound" /> </CEffectCreateHealer> 

HeroAlexstraszaDragon Unit's inner unit radius is 1, and her radius is 1.25.

This is the largest in the game, 5% larger than the second largest heroes in the game.

Life-Binder's HoT does not proc Pacify's or Life Unbound's CDR.

This is probably intentional because Life-Binder's AlexstraszaLifebinderHoTTarget and AlexstraszaLifebinderHoTCaster effects don't call AlexstraszaPacifyLifeUnboundModifyCooldownHealSet.

The regen-globe created by her level 1 quest does not increase her healing stat, nor does it proc Pacify's or Life Unbound's CDR

I have no idea how you would even begin to implement this.

Moving your mouse too fast during Cleansing Flame will result in fireballs being dropped in wrong places, or Alexstrasza landing in wrong places.

This probably has to do with tick rate, but if you flick your mouse at the last second, it'll usually target in an unexpected spot.

Dying while in Dragonqueen form doesn't actually start the cooldown and doesn't return you to human form until after you're revived.

Late game this can mean that dragonqueen has a 190+ second cooldown.

This is the same reason why you can't see Dragonqueen's cooldown after dying while in Dragonqueen, since the game hasn't changed your unit to HeroAlexstrasza yet.

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