Heroes of the Storm

List of high win rate builds [2.53]

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - List of high win rate builds [2.53]

Here are the strongest builds since their major last update, from heroesprofile in dia+, hero lvl 10+, SL. The requirements are:

  • Having at least 100 games played on a pre lvl 13 build.
  • A clear advantage over others.
  • 5% WR over the average hero at any point during the game.

Side notes:

  • Don't be shocked if you see "meme builds". Lots of them got buffed and you wouldn't even know the repercussion of it. e.g. Icefury Wand(W Jaina), Infernus(Q DW), Deadly Calm(R Garrosh), Curse of Exhaustion (W Gul'dan).
  • Most of these builds show up as the best ones because of how easy they get value. e.g. lots of AA, E build Maiev, E build Rag, damage talents. Hard builds aren't there for a reason, the lack of consistency.
  • Early builds show up more often because winning pre lvl 10 determines the outcome of the game by a lot. The first team to 10 wins twice as much.

Spike Burst + Evolve Monstrosity

AA + Counter-Strike

Flame Buffet + Cleansing Flame

Ray of Heaven damage + stack

Suicide Azmo

Trait + SEF

AA + Hammer of Twilight

SP + Slowing Sand


Fire Stomp + Lightning Breath

AA + Hinterland Blast

Dread Orb + Twisting Nether


Mixed + GFTT

Drain Life + Rain of Destruction

Trait + Blizzard + Water Ele

Mixed + Frost Blast

Mixed + Ultralisk


Mixed + Leap

Spirit of Vengeance + Containment Disc

Mixed + Carrion Swarm



Wraith Strike + Tormented Souls

Mixed + Ice Wall

Lightning Nova + Consume Souls

Mixed + Avatar

AA + Octograb


AA + Unrelenting Strikes

Blast Wave + Lava Wave

Raynor's Raider

Spirit Swoop + Unleash the Boars

Wind Walk + Bladestorm

Mixed + Napalm Strike

Seismic Slam + Wrath of the Berserker

Trait + Massive Shove

Mixed + Mind Control

Mixed + Play Again

Lots of % dmg + Earthquake

Melee + Quantum Spike

Pure mage

Mixed + Divine Shield

Sinister Strike + Smoke Bomb


AA + Divine Reckoning

AA + Poison Nova

Mixed + Arden Defender

Trait + Expulsion Zone

Mostly AA + Might of the Nerazim

Missing datas for buffed Zul'Jin.

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