Heroes of the Storm

List of missing/unobtainable Skins and Mounts

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - List of missing/unobtainable Skins and Mounts

Since around the Blaze patch, the game checks if product licenses exist before showing you them when you access them with a hyperlink so I can't get screenshots of what they actually look like. Theoretically you can modify replays to force the game to show these skins but that's another experiment. Just tried this, the game ends the replay with a "Replay Desynced!" error, it is possible if you can figure out why it's getting desynced but that's for another day.

This is all from the game data, some of them have no names and are probably cut where most others have complete data and are used by AI.

  • 3 Xenotech Abathur skins: Prototype, Rusted, and Galactic (this is the gold one.)
  • 2 Unnamed Enforcer Johanna skins
  • 1 Archangel Diablo skin: Corrupted
  • 2 Unnamed Enforcer Graymane skins
  • 2 Unnamed Enforcer Morales skins
  • 1 Unnamed L500 E.T.C skin
  • 2 base Raynor skins: Red, Gray
  • 3 Mecha Rehgar skins: Charred, Construction, Rogue
  • 1 Mecha Tassadar skin: Astral (this is the white one.)
  • 3 Mecha Tyrael skins: Justice, Perfect, Storm
  • 1 base Nazeebo skin: Poison
  • A bunch of ranked mounts (2 Pig_Rank18, 2 EpicPig_Rank18, 2 Lion_Rank16, 2 Elemental Lion)
  • 3 unnamed shark mounts
  • 2 unnamed Enforcer Spider mounts
  • 2 unnamed "Cat Fire" mounts(?)
  • 1 Banner: Knight-Commander's Banner?
  • 1 Mecha Dehaka skin: Hunter
  • 1 unnamed Medivh Owl skin
  • 2 base Valeera skins: Cobalt, Dark
  • 1 base Azmodan skin: Yellow (data name is Base – Var4 – Yellow)

Skins with hyperlinks (they probably don't work, replace 1 with 2 for EU, or 98 for PTR:)

Prototype Xenotech Abathur (AbathurMechaVar1) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/PrototypeXenotechAbathur Rusted Xenotech Abathur (AbathurMechaVar4) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/RustedXenotechAbathur Galactic Xenotech Abathur (AbathurMechaVar5) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/GalacticXenotechAbathur Charred Mecha Rehgar (RehgarMechaVar1) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/CharredMechaRehgar Construction Mecha Rehgar (RehgarMechaVar4) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/ConstructionMechaRehgar Rogue Mecha Rehgar (RehgarMechaVar5) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/RogueMechaRehgar Astral Mecha Tassadar (TassadarMechaVar3) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/AstralMechaTassadar Justice Mecha Tyrael (TyraelMechaVar3) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/JusticeMechaTyrael Perfect Mecha Tyrael (TyraelMechaVar4) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/PerfectMechaTyrael Storm Mecha Tyrael (TyraelMechaVar5) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/StormMechaTyrael Chaos Lion (MountLion_Rank16_00_Var4) battlenet://heroes/mount/1/ChaosLion Golden Chaos Lion (MountLion_Rank16_00_Var5) battlenet://heroes/mount/1/GoldenChaosLion Epic Chaos Lion (MountLion_Rank16_01_Var4) battlenet://heroes/mount/1/EpicChaosLion Epic Golden Chaos Lion (MountLion_Rank16_01_Var5) battlenet://heroes/mount/1/EpicGoldenChaosLion None (MountSurfShark18Var1) battlenet://heroes/mount/1/CoastalSharkShark18Surfboard None (MountSurfShark18Var2) battlenet://heroes/mount/1/CoastalSharkShark18Surfboard None (MountSurfShark18Var3) battlenet://heroes/mount/1/CoastalSharkShark18Surfboard Knight-Commander's Banner (BannerDFEsportsChess) battlenet://heroes/banner/1/KnightCommandersBanner Hunter Mecha Dehaka (DehakaMechaVar5) battlenet://heroes/skin/1/HunterMechaDehaka 

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