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List of things unbalanced by the tower changes

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - List of things unbalanced by the tower changes
  1. Things that shut down forts like Sylv's >, Gazlowe's > and >.

  2. Things that save structures, since structures are more powerful like Abathur's > or Ragnaros's > and >.

  3. Stacking/quest heroes like Zuljin since games last longer

  4. Healers which have to hit enemy heroes in order to heal like Malfurion, Tyrande's >, or Whitemane.

  5. Healers which accidentally hit heroes when healing their teammates like Lucio's >, LiLi's >/>, Uther's >, Anduin's >

  6. Late game heroes in general are stronger

  7. Early game heroes in general are weaker

  8. Splitpush is buffed since many objectives have been nerfed.

  9. Summons are nerfed – that includes Anub'arak's > and all his locust talents, Malf's > and many other examples.

  10. Long range heroes are buffed since they can stay of the range of forts when pushing with or without an objective

  11. Melee is nerfed since they can't push with an objective without getting killed.

  12. Armor reduction like >is nerfed since the fort armor reduction is far greater than anything a hero can do and it won't stack.

  13. Abilities that protect from forts are buffed like > and >

  14. > type talents are nerfed since the enemy can automatically make you targeted by the fort just by walking sort of near you

  15. DOTs are nerfed since you'll get targeted as long as you have a DOT on anyone at any time

  16. Chen's > gets him targeted by the fort since he is damaging himself

  17. Mercing heroes are less valuable since you can't safely push with mercs anymore.

  18. Poke heroes are buffed since the longer you can delay an objective the more time a split push hero can get things done.

  19. Heroes/abilities that need to or should damage heroes in order to self heal including Stitches' >, Blaze's >, Arthas' >, Garrosh's >, > and numerous other heroes/talents.

  20. Tanking/Peeling – Almost all peeling abilities will damage the enemy which will cause the tank to get melted by structures.

  21. Maps – the tower changes greatly affect the balance of all maps based on their differing sizes (value of splitpush) and the value of their objectives.

  22. Gankers – since ganking one hero is less likely to open up opportunities to do anything meaningful

Feel free to add more to the list.

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