Heroes of the Storm

Locked Out of Account after Paypal Sale

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Locked Out of Account after Paypal Sale

I've been locked out of my HotS account, and could use some help or advice on what to do next.

13022470 paypal offer any single purchase at blizzard store 20 off 60 w paypal checkout eligible participants - Locked Out of Account after Paypal Salehttps://slickdeals.net/f/13022470-paypal-offer-any-single-purchase-at-blizzard-store-20-off-60-w-paypal-checkout-eligible-participants

Six weeks ago I saw what looked like a good discount on Slickdeals through PayPal.


I bought in for this deal on April 22nd. At the time of purchase, it looked like everything was good for the discount. I had clicked Save Offer, and went through the purchase process. The discount did not go through, but I did get $59.99 in blizzard credit.

On May 8th I spent $49.99 of the blizzard credit on Gems for Heroes of the Storm. It was the first money purchase I made for the game, after playing it every week since it was in alpha. It's been a fun game, and I thought worth a bit of kick back.

On May 9th I opened a ticket with PayPal asking about the $20 rebate.

I made this purchase off of the paypal offer
offers?view=details&offerId=WY4THLH6HWFCN - Locked Out of Account after Paypal Sale
https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/offers?view=details&offerId=WY4THLH6HWFCN on April 22nd. I had used save offer, then made purchase, but do not see any reflection of the $20 reduction.

On May 19th I received a $20 refund from Paypal and my case was marked as closed. At this time I believed the matter was settled.


Now, as of 31 May, I am seeing a brand new ORDER for a -$59.99 refund from Blizzard, as well as my older purchase marked as CHARGEBACK and my $59.99 in game Gems purchase marked as CHARGEBACK. I now cannot log into Heroes of the Storm. I can still log in and play Starcraft 2, so it's not my entire Blizzard account locked up.

As of tonight, I do still have a charge on my bank account of $59.99, a refund on the 19th for $20, and my game is now locked out.

I've submitted a new ticket to both Blizzard and PayPal, but it's Friday Evening and I'm pretty bent about this. It's been a fairly shitty week in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area, what with the Tornados and Flooding. I've had 6 adults, 4 kids, 3 dogs, and 5 cats living in my house due to family evacuating the flooding.

Any ideas on who I could or should reach out to?

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tl;dr thought I got a discount via paypal, got locked out of the game instead


They want me to repurchase the initial Blizzard Balance of $59.99 AND repurchase Blizzard Balance for the Gems at $49.99. I still have not seen any refunds that they speak of other than the $20 from paypal last month. So after this i will be out of pocket ~$150 for the initial purchase of Gems.


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