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Long time MOBA fan here with the list of things that would have been nice to be addressed in the future.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Long time MOBA fan here with the list of things that would have been nice to be addressed in the future.

I play HOTS since beta, and im long time MOBA player (played DOTA since 5.xx patch, HON since beta, LoL, Smite).

What i love about HOTS, besides obvious great characters portrayal and the best characters design and visuals, is the responsiveness of character management and the way all heroes are played. They are all unique, fun and satisfying to play. Animations are juicy, cosmetics are the best in genre. All about characters and hero gameplay in HOTS i find the best in the genre. This alone makes HOTS very captivating.

Yet with years i also encountered pretty infuriating things and disappointing stuff, which are mainly non-heroes related. That stuff made me no enjoy half the games (in QM) and some games in HL.

1) Engine and all issues related to it. Amongst the most painful is long reconnection time. In my experience if you get disconnected your chances of winning become significantly lower, because AI that replaces you is useless, may pick wrong talents and feed actively. Such a long reconnection time is pretty mind boggling.

2) No spectator mod in QM and HL. Simple as that.

3) No replay button, if you want to quickly rewatch the match. Also stats from every match is lacking. Id like to click old match and see stats.

4) AI. AI in HOTS sucks. This always made me wonder why such thing is allowed. DOTA had its AI being able to kick players ass for a decade(s). AI in HOTS is clearly dumb and useless in most cases.

5) No concede button. Seriously, HOTS QMs very often have clear MM disbalance, leavers and other fancy stuff that make the match unsatisfying and clear waste of time. There should be concede button.


6) MM. I understand its hard to make good MM. But in QMs it generally feels like MM system actively tries to troll you. Do you want to play squishy mage? Get Imperius, Thrall and Tracer in the enemy team and no front on yours. Do you want to play a tank? Get 2 more tanks on your team and two tanks on enemy's. But next match will have zero tanks on both teams. Want to play Deathwing? Get Imperius against you in most cases. And so on.

7) No map ban. I think classic three lane maps in HOTS have better design, less snowbally, better suited for all heroes, and thus way more satisfying to play. I dont like two lane maps. Other people may have different opinion. All in all – i think the map ban feature is an essential must have tool that should have been in HOTS from the day one (as far as i remember, such feature was implemented back then, i dont remember exactly why and why it was removed). Let us ban 2-3 maps, at least in QMs.

8) Minor feature – but it would be nice to have the "liked" talents being instant picked by AI after leveling up. Make it optional, obviously. Sometimes you hit level up during the heated team fight and sudden need to manually pick the right talent may be distracting. And overall it would be nice QoL feature for characters that you play with single build all the time.

Thats it.

edited: 9) Amount of post-match load screens must be lowered/MvP panel is ridiculous. Match just ended, you want to immediately start the search for next one. But wait! Wait for MvP panel to appear, then wait for stats to load, then wait some more to quit the match. This is an annoying thing you should be able to skip completely pressing single button.

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