Heroes of the Storm

Looking for Mac OS Testers for new Replay Uploader – Let’s finally parse Rank information!

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Looking for Mac OS Testers for new Replay Uploader - Let's finally parse Rank information!

Hi All,


I’m currently looking for some Mac OS Heroes of the Storm Players to test a new Uploader I’ve been working on as part of the HOTS developer community.



One of the gaps we have continued to have with replay uploads is we cannot get player Tier/Rank or MMR data from them. This means all of the log sites use the data available to them predict a players MMR and place them in one of the game leagues. The uploader I have been developing gets around this in the following way:

  • The uploader detects when you have a new game and screenshots your Heroes of the Storm application during the loading screen.
    • (Note it ONLY screenshots the Heroes application, it finds the process pid, uses that to get the application windowid and only screenshots that application)
  • When your game is completed, it uploads both your replay, and the screenshot to be parsed.
  • Currently, it is set to upload replay files to all replay site locations – HotsAPI, HeroesProfile and HotsLogs. In addition it also uploads both the replay file and the screenshot to my StormLogs backend.
  • There will be options in the final release for users to select the location to upload to…


Once replay files are uploaded, they are parsed by the replay sites as they normally are today. When the screenshot is uploaded to the StormLogs backend, it is parsed to output a json file with all of the player information available in the screenshots:

  • Player Name
  • Hero Name
  • Tier (GM, Master, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Placement)
  • Rank (1-5 for most Tiers or GM rank if in GM Tier)


This data will then be made available to any of the existing replay sites to use and integrate into their services.


Blizzard have previously confirmed that Tier/Rank directly correlates to MMR so by having this information, we can make much better estimates of a players MMR than the existing methods which don’t have the historic data to do so. (While this still won’t be perfect, especially after placement games or if a player purposefully de-ranks for a challenge, it should still be a much better gauge)


For now, I’m looking for 5-10 people who play Heroes on Mac OS (as you never get any love :)) to do some testing of the app. The main area I would like to test is the screenshot parsing to ensure it is happening correctly with real world data. For anyone interested in supporting, please contact me by DM and we’ll get you setup.




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