Heroes of the Storm

LowSpec 1.4 Patch Notes

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - LowSpec 1.4 Patch Notes

In my last post I introduced the utility that improves the performance of HOTS and because this community was very supportive (I really appreciate), I tried to address your feedback, made some improvements and created updated version here.

LowSpec 1.4 Patch Notes

  • Fixed crash at startup, game exit, device lost event (thank you very much for sending me the debug log files, I wouldn't fix it without it!).
  • Switching to Windows via Alt+Tab occasionally froze the application, it shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Improved custom screen resolution setting – no window mode switch is needed, no middle mouse button is needed, just set "width" and "height" in settings.txt in this utility, that's it.
  • "texture_quality" also downscales the internal terrain texture size (so it should be slightly faster and save more memory – thank you Ahli for the suggestion).
  • After pressing F11/F12 threading state, the state was forgotten after the game restart, now it's properly saved in settings.txt as all the other options.
  • Decreased default "texture_quality" from 0.8 to 0.7 and improved guide.

Modifying "variables.txt" HOTS user file, be aware

If you lowered TerrainTextureHiResCacheSize and TerrainTextureLowResCacheSize, be careful, because this can be contraproductive since setting smaller cache means the cache system doesn't have enough space and has to load new tiles and remove old tiles more often as the camera moves, so I highly recommend to use the default values (simply remove the variables and it will be automatically reset). My utility automatically downscales also TerrainTextureSize proportinally with the "texture_quality", so you don't need to set this value neither (however it needs a game restart for the terrain quality to take effect).


If you are changing screen resolution in variables.txt HOTS user file via width and height, this doesn't allow you to set the resolution lower than 1024×768 (at least it didn't work for me). My utility allows you to set 640×480 which is still playable and seems to have the biggest impact on the performance, so try it out (it allows you to go even lower e.g. 320×240 but the text is not readable anymore).

Special thanks

To Freygarr for reproducing all the tricky issues and performing all the tests. His personal commitment made a big impact on this release, so if anyone needs a solid QA, he is the guy to go 🙂

More questions/suggestions?

If anything on your mind, feel free to contact me at [email protected]>(mailto:[email protected]) or check my previous post, it might be answered there.

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