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Lucio trait feels clunky to use (and a suggested fix)

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Lucio trait feels clunky to use (and a suggested fix)

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Hope to consolidate all the feedback into one post to get blizzard to fix it (though I tried for other issues with decent quality of life suggestions and all of them has been ignored so my hopes are not high)

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(Please read the whole post and understand what I’m saying before replying)

Lucio’s trait push off, that pushes off against a wall, is only useable when he is moving, not when he is standing still.

So, you’re not near a wall. But you want to use the trait.

So you right click near a wall. Lucio moves near the wall. Perfect! The ability icon lights up.

You press the hotkey for it and prepare to use it. Suddenly the ability icon blacks out again because lucio has stopped moving, because you gave a move command near the wall and lucio has reached the wall, so when you click to cast it, nothing happens.

I only can command lucio to move to the wall, I can’t command him to jog on the spot when he reaches there, so how am I supposed to keep that ability useable?

Do the devs even test-play their own game?

What, am I supposed to shift queue lucio move commands against the wall just to keep that ability icon active?

The fix to this is so mind-bogglingly simple. Just make the ability useable when lucio is near a wall, whether he is standing still or moving. Or give a small grace window of 0.5 seconds after he stopped moving where he can still cast it (although this is not a good fix for when lucio gets rooted near a wall and has to cast push off after)

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If I give lucio a move command towards a wall, the ability is not useable when lucio is walking towards the wall. When he reaches the wall, it is useable for about 0.01 second, then it is not usable again because lucio has reached the wall and stopped moving. That is the stupidest design I’ve heard of.

Despite the fact that this is a problem, and despite the fact that the fix is simple though, I wouldn’t be optimistic about a fix any time in the next 2 years

Edit: It’s even worse in tight spaces with different kinds of walls. Press it one second too early and you bounce off an unintended wall in an unintended direction. Press a second too late and the trait has deactivated =.=

Edit2: It's also bad when you are trying to push off enemy structures. If you click on the enemy structure, lucio will not move and will instead attack the structure. If you click too far from the structure, lucio will move half a cm away and his trait will deactivate. It is just extremely annoying to use

Edit3: Many of you browsing this forums are going to be veteran players who are mechanically adept and who can click very fast and think this is not a big problem. But think about the new players, they aren't going to complain on the forums when it feels clunky to use. They're just going to dislike the game or at least this particular hero

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