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Malthael Mini Rework

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Malthael Mini Rework

I play him a lot. He's my go-to solo laner in Diamond. He's actually in a pretty good spot right now, I think. Just counter-intuitive to play. He's super squishy, and even though he's a bruiser, he plays more like a ranged assassin.

Most of his talents are fine, in my opinion. His major flaw is at 4, where Die Alone is realistically his only option. This rework aims to rectify that, opening up additional build paths for the character.

Abilities: Unchanged.

Talents, 1) Unchanged.

His build diversity is fine at 1. The weakest talent seems to be his >. But its viability will grow when > and DS/WS builds grow in viability.

4) > – Unchanged

> – Increase > Range by 33%, and reduce its cooldown by 3 seconds

> – Quest: Apply > for a total of 180 seconds. Reward: Increase Reaper's Mark damage by 80% when applied for more than 5 seconds

By removing the quest from Throwing Shade, it gives Malth a competitive ranged option while in lane, at the cost of mana. And by switching the effects of Memento Mori with Black Harvest, it opens up later build diversity. By allowing for 6 second Reaper's Marks on Death Shroud targets.

Also, the slightly nerfed Memento Mori means it requires two applications.

7) Unchanged

This tier is also fine.. it's a nice design having a utility tier at 7.

10) Tormented Souls – Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds. Mana cost reduced by 50.

> – Unchanged.


Last Rites is fine. Tormented Souls isn't very feasible with such a long cooldown, and having virtually no benefit when cleave, DS and > all apply Reaper's Mark in an AoE. With the current changes, on top of this one, it should make it competitive with Last Rites, which is currently such a strong ult.

13) Unchanged.

Also a fine tier. He's a very squishy hero in team fights. So this tier lets him survive in the team fight portion of the game.

16) > – Unchanged

> – Unchanged

> – Increase the duration of Reaper's Mark by 2 seconds.

By moving Black Harvest to this tier. It allows it to be picked in conjunction with Throwing Shade. Which creates an attractive ranged orientated build path which can easily keep the mark applied for long durations. It also means he isn't crippled waiting for Memento Mori on 16.

20) > – Reworked. Adds passive – Takedowns reset the cooldown of >.

Others unchanged.

The current design of Reaper of Souls is counter intuitive. As it currently makes takedowns delay his second charge of Wraith Strike. I don't think Blizz even considered the talent in the latest patch.

This new functionality would make it strong, but keeping it locked behind picking Tormented Souls should keep it balanced, in line with 15 seconds Last Rites.

Overall.. This rework would create distinct build paths. Allowing him to spec into a ranged/aoe orientated Death Shroud build. A mobility focused Wraith Strike build. And would preserve his existing duelist > build.

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