Heroes of the Storm

Map concept: Rak’shir

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Map concept: Rak'shir

Hey all! I love Towers of Doom, and I wanted to try an idea where the core is not in a normal position and does not behave normally. So, here's a Rak'shir duel.


Rak'shir always take place on the Tal'darim homeworld, and is a sacred rite by which the Tal'darim (Such as Alarak) move up in the world by killing their superiors. The map is the arena in which they do so. The Tal'darim homeworld is rocky, dry, foggy, and difficult to navigate. Here's a sample of the jungle, which is not pleasant to be in. Lone heroes will find themselves gankable by enemies like Zeratul who can blink through the cluttered terrain and catch up to them. Each of the lanes is styled like a Tal'darim base, with Dark Nexuses and Cannons replacing the normal forts/keeps and towers respectively. Minion waves are made up of 3 Zealots, 1 Ascendant, and 3 Stalkers. Instead of a core, each team has a Pit of Sacrifice that is mostly for show. The "core" is a fighter attempting to claim victory in the middle lane, which is not populated by structures.


While the map looks as if it has 3 lanes, only 2 are populated by structures, while the third (mid) is home to the objective. There are 2 types of mercenaries in this map. The first are Vanguards, robotic walkers that look like this and come in groups of 2. They function like Siege Giants, with range greater than keeps, forts, and towers. There are 2 of these camps, in the bottom left and top right of the map. The other camp has to do with the objective.



Heroes are not allowed to physically attack the enemy core, but can instead support them through the main objective. Occasionally, power canisters will spawn on the map. Canisters are spawned in groups of 3 in positions similar to how tributes spawn in Cursed Hollow. Heroes can channel on a canister for 3 seconds to pick it up like an item (i.e. a turret or biotic emitter.) Activating the canister places it on the ground for 5 seconds, allowing heroes to damage it. it is treated like a hero for the purposes of additional damage, cooldown resets and such, but does not provide quest stacks gained by hitting heroes. For the purposes of percent damage, the canister has a maximum health of 2000. After 5 seconds, it can be picked back up, retaining the damage dealt to it. Heroes carrying the canister can still drop it when killed. Heroes with a "charged" canister can channel on their core for 4 seconds, causing their core to deal damage to the enemy core equal to the amount of damage in the canister. When damage is dealt to a core, the battle shifts toward either Pit of Sacrifice. The proximity to either core is based on the difference in health between the two cores, which have enhanced health but no shields or regeneration. Gates block the pathway to either side's Pit of Sacrifice, which vanish when the conflicting cores are nearby. Forts and Keeps each provide 10 armor to their core while they stand. There are 2 boss mercenaries that each drop Canisters that can be used like normal. These bosses have less health than other bosses, but a much higher damage output, almost requiring a healer to be present to take the boss.

Hope you like it! I'll continue making characters at some point. Reinhardt is still next. Have a great day and a fun time in the nexus. Buh-bye!

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